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  1. is amagitarium sand ok for shrimp beacuse i am re doing my shrimp tank for issues on copper ect what i want to now is the epoxy paint ok for the shrimp please help me figure this out
  2. Hey! 2 Days Ago I created a Shrimp Youtube Video for a friend with a big YT Channal. Someone told me that some Facts in the Video are not true, can you check this and tell me whats all wrong? Ty so much Heres the link https://youtu.be/eS7NlFTy4J4
  3. Hey everyone, It's time for me to cull some of my blue diamond herd. So far I have managed to net 30+ in to a breeder box. I still have some more that are being difficult to catch which I'll be adding. I know there is at least one in the box that's berried. Most are juvenile to sub-adult in size. They will range in various colors but most all are brown. I'll include a couple of blue ones. I am asking $65.00 for all these shrimp. They will be shipped in kordon breather bags with a bit of moss inside an insulated box. Shipping is only available within the CONUSA. I accept Paypal only. Feel f
  4. Buy Various Colours And Sizes Of Freshwater Aquarium Cherry Shrimp. Neocaridina And Caridina Shrimp Available. For Everything Shrimp Visit 🦐 👇👇 Plainandshrimple.co.uk
  5. Currently I have the dennerle shrimp king 10 gallon, and I do really enjoy it, but I'd to upgrade relatively soon as I have the room for most 15-20s, unfortunately even though dennerle DOES sell a 20g version of the shrimp tank, I can't find a place to purchase it anywhere. And I figured this would be a good place to get some suggestions, are there any tanks in the 15-20 gallon range you would recommend? I'd prefer it come with decent lighting or lower on the price end so I can buy a decent light, obviously since this is a shrimp tank I'd like something with a good filter either in tank or all
  6. I like taking pictures of my shrimps with my Nikon and my cellphone camera. Feel free to post some of your favorite shrimp pics here to share. Here's a few of mine to start
  7. So about half an hour ago i was just checking my neoc aquarium and i’ve realized that one of my shrimps has this black hue that starts from where the eggs should be located (im saying should because i cannot really gender it) to the start of its spinal area. it kinda looks suspicious idk if its the eggs becoming “fertile” (because its a young shrimp its not a juvenile nor a complete adult) or is it something parasitic. My parametres are healty and my aquarium has no potential of having any type of parasite or disease. If anyone can identify what it is it would be awesome. I think its just the
  8. Hello, I would like to introduce Mugilogobius sarasinorum but I am afraid they will eat shrimp. Do you know a list of fish compatible with shrimp?
  9. Neo.mp4 Neo.mp4 Neo.mp4 I've noticed recently that some of my shrimp have a white looking growth between their whiskers. I thought it might be just part of the shrimp, but seeing it particularly larger on one of them has led me to believe that it might be some sort of fungal growth. Please let me know what you guys think of it from a this video
  10. Hey Shrimpers! Two months ago I bought a group of PRL Crystal Reds from a seller and I was really happy to notice that a few of them had red eyes! So I did some research online and to see if it’s common? Do any of you guys also have any CRS with red eyes? I’m aware that some people might say that they have been mixed with golden bees, but I doubt it since I trust the seller! Heres a picture of one of the bigger ones Should I try and cull the red ones to see if this trait can be bred?
  11. Greenteam

    30G Breeder

    So I just got moved into my new place a slowly settling in. So far I have not had the chance to work on my 30g breeder project, but today I had the day off and try to do the most that I could. Here's what the plan is so far. 1. Divide tank into 3 sections 2. figured out filtration 3. start cycle ASP
  12. Hi, thanks in advance for helping! I have a heavily planted 2 gallon nano tank with one ghost shrimp. I'm looking for tank mates, preferably solitary becuase I don't have the room for fish fry:). The tank is heavily planted, with 3 Marimo moss balls, 6 small water wisteria, and some natural decor and a cave. Ideas please? Tank specs are: Tempurature- a constant 69 pH- constant 7.8 ammonia/nitrites/all that jazz- 0ppm except for nitrates, which is about 15-20ppm usually The tank has undergone the nitrogen cycle. Thanks! This is a picture of the tank, to get
  13. Hey, brand new to this forum and just looking for a bit of advice. I have three ghost shrimp in my community tank. Two males and one female. They appear to be molting A LOT. Like I must have seen atleast 4 in the past two weeks...is this normal? I've heard molting can be a sign of I'll health. But they're all active and what not. Any advice would be fab please!
  14. Does anyone know what this shrimp is called? Grade? Quality? Tell me anything you can, thnx.
  15. Hi there, I am Vinny and this is my planted aquarium. it is a 20 long with a screen lid on top. I have had fish since I was nine years old, but I have never had a planted aquarium before. I have always wanted RCS in my tanks as a clean up crew, so that's what I did. When I put these guys in the tank they were all over cleaning plants and scavenging. And then I added fish about two weeks later... I added a golden wonder killi fish along with some small tetras. It seemed like the killi was hunting the RCS so I removed him from the tank. Now ever since I added the killi all my RCS have taken refu
  16. Want to buy Orange Eye Blue Tiger (OEBT) shrimp. Reply with pics please.
  17. This is where I'll be keeping track of my newest project in hopes of creating some new and exciting pinto shrimp. I'm sure other cool looking shrimp will come out of this project and I'd like to share with you in this shrimping journey! Tank set up Soil - Amazonia Water- Re-mineralized RO Light - 7g Led low light (beamswork) 20g archaea compact 36W Filter - double sponge and oversized aqua clear hob Low light plants and moss. No co2 or ferts. My original 11 TB showed up back on March 3, 2014. They were 1x panda, 3 x shadow panda, 2x med/high grade bb and 5 low grad bb. As of
  18. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Red Bolt Shrimp USA bred
  19. I would like to thank all of you who have purchased from me! I would also like to thank those in advance who will be making future purchases from me! Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here for any items you have received from me. You can also leave feedback by clicking on my user name and click on the "Leave Feedback" tab. Happy shrimping!
  20. Hey everyone, Here is our updated stock list (with the new tigers species) so please check it out and if anyone have any questions or want to see some pictures feel free to send me a personal message!!! We also do wholesale for shrimps and products so if anyone is interested please PM me for more information and requirements. Thank you, Blue Crown Shrimps: Neocaridina: - Painted Fire Red- ($5) - Fire Red- ($4) - Sakura Fire Red- ($3) - Orange Shrimp - ($4) **Out of Stock** - Bloody Mary (S Grade)-($8) - Bloody Mary (A Grade)- ($6) - Blue Dreams (S Grade)-($8) **Out o
  21. From the album: Rare Aquatic Mosses

    My newest addition to my rare moss collection. I was told that this is not the same as Cratonneuron filicinum. Preffers low-medium light. Grows without co2 or ferts. a new, not yet well-defined moss nice compact, low growth Temp. 19°C - 28°C, ph 6 - 8 Europe
  22. From the album: Rare Aquatic Mosses

    Very slow growing. This was grown with co2, high light and ferts.
  23. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    Picture of another one of my Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp
  24. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    Picture of one of my Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp
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