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Found 24 results

  1. Buy Various Colours And Sizes Of Freshwater Aquarium Cherry Shrimp. Neocaridina And Caridina Shrimp Available. For Everything Shrimp Visit 🦐 👇👇 Plainandshrimple.co.uk
  2. I like taking pictures of my shrimps with my Nikon and my cellphone camera. Feel free to post some of your favorite shrimp pics here to share. Here's a few of mine to start
  3. Looking for blue bolt, pure red line crystal, blue panda, blue dream and painted fire red shrimps FIND ME GOOD DEALS FOR XMAS PLEASE
  4. Hi, I have extra shrimps for sale if anyone interested. These shrimps are healthy and bred by me locally in Oregon. You will receive juvenile unsexed shrimps with approximate size 1/4” - 1/2”. it’s easier for juvenile shrimps to adapt to a new environment. My water parameters: PH: 5.8 - 6.5 GH: 2-5 TDS: 120 -160 TEMP: 71-74F $40 - Package of 10 + 1 extra, mixed grade mischling of Crystal and Taiwan bees shrimps - this batch has been producing a few Taiwan bees like Black Panda, and Red Wine for me. Most of them look like a mixed grade Crystal Black (CBS). $70 - Pac
  5. Hello to every Shrimp Enthusiast around the World from Hamburg,Germany.
  6. I have 2 package each available. Wine reds 10+1 for $105 Blue Bolts /regular grade/ 10+1 for $65 Royal Blue Tigers 10+1 for $105 Priority shipping $15 DOA is covered: 1. The shrimps are accepted on first delivery attempt. 2. Problem is reported no later than 2 hours after delivery. Clear picture of UNOPENED bag is required.
  7. DIY $7 Internal Breeder Box After dealing for 3-4 years with Marina external breeder boxes ran by Elite micro pump .I decided to switch to internal ones. Not that I don’t like Marina ones but in my narrow shrimp room they are always on my way during maintenance and catching shrimps. There are some very handy models but all of them are too large for my divided tanks. After scratching my head for a week here is what I come with. You will need: Lee's specimen container http://www.marinedepot.com/Lee_s_Aquarium_Specimen_Container_Small_Fish_Containers_Tr
  8. Mini Xmas moss for sale. It is 6-7 tennis balls in size or more. It will cower probably more than 10gal tank. It come from shrimp tank. No algae or any chemicals. On the picture it is in 1gal zip lock bag. Price $28 shipped to lower 48 states. Watch your weather. I'll ship it in small priority box, so cold weather will kill it. I can ship Mon or Tue.
  9. It is again trimming time. I’d like to clean some of the moss in shrimps tanks before breeding season starts. Yes that is correct, somehow my breeding season is winter time. Since the moss is coming from shrimps tanks no frets have been used. !00% algae free. Only “bad “ thing is Malaysian Trumpet Snails .There are a lot of babies in it.You might get some new born No entry WR, Black pintos or Red Ruby WRs In my experience those snails are the best for leftover food control and substrate cleaning and aeration. For sale: 1 Mat of Fisident Fontanus 10”x3” in size pri
  10. HOT!!! Red Tiger with golden eyes genes! with free plant! $13 each, buy 5 get 1 free Shipping $15 with USPS priority, well insulated box. DOA only covers if u get the package at first attempt and send me pic WITHIN 1 hour in a unopened shipping bag next to the shipping label which clearly show the dead shrimps. Golden Eyes Red Tiger
  11. I have 20 + juvenile culls from Red bolt / No-Entry Wine red tank for sale. They will produce probably 50% regular Wine reds, 30-40% Red Bolts and 10-20% Hino WRs. Price is $125 shipped to lower 48 states.
  12. Hello shrimpers I Have some shrimps for sale. They have been breed in my tanks here in Florida for last 3-4 years. Water parameter are just regular for those types of shrimps. They are pretty hardy because I don’t like to spoil them much. WC twice a month, lots of greens for food. Almost no supplements. Attachments are some random pictures of my tanks. Please watch your weather prior ordering. Shipping is $15 for USPS priority and $35 for USPS Express. If the purchase amount is greater than $165 I’ll subtract $15 from total cost. ENJOY YOUR TANKS AND SHRIMPS!!!!! Benibachi PRL $8 Beni
  13. Hey everyone, Here is our updated stock list (with the new tigers species) so please check it out and if anyone have any questions or want to see some pictures feel free to send me a personal message!!! We also do wholesale for shrimps and products so if anyone is interested please PM me for more information and requirements. Thank you, Blue Crown Shrimps: Neocaridina: - Painted Fire Red- ($5) - Fire Red- ($4) - Sakura Fire Red- ($3) - Orange Shrimp - ($4) **Out of Stock** - Bloody Mary (S Grade)-($8) - Bloody Mary (A Grade)- ($6) - Blue Dreams (S Grade)-($8) **Out o
  14. Hi everyone Just joined shrimpspot, from Singapore , owner of shrimp-keeping as well as Efilwen Shrimp Products. Not here promo my business in this thread and look forward too chatting with you guys.... Simon
  15. I have some shrimps for sale : PRL $11 each PBL $13 each BB $9 each Shipping $12 USPS priority mail. If you temperature is over 80F please provide your work address or be sure that somebody will pick them up no later than 1h after first delivery attempt.
  16. One more video.This time WRs and RBs. Video have been taken the same way I did PBL video ,only difference is that I replaced Actinic t5ho bulb with Colormax. Enjoy in HD quality.
  17. Here is a video of my PBL shrimp line. I have been keeping those shrimps for around 3 years already. They never produce anything else than PBL. The source of those PBL are: Benibachi A grade PBL, some little bit lower grade Benibachi PBL/forgot the grade/ and Black Impact PBL imported from Japan. Because there are always speculation about how the shrimps colors looks in person compare to the video colors I decided to post some details. Video quality: In order to have clear, sharp and noise free picture we need a lot of light. To get large area in focus we need large F stop -again light. The ri
  18. Hello Everyone! It is our great pleasure to announce our new website www.bluecrownaqua.com. Shop our entire inventory securely and on checkout, make sure to use the promo code SHRIMP10 for 10% off your entire purchase with no exclusions! (Before tax and shipping). We will be improving our website often to better enhance your shopping experience so feel free to send us feedback or questions. Contact us directly at info@bluecrownaqua.com or message us directly here on Facebook. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. Thanks, Blue crown
  19. Hey Guys, Happy New years and just in time for our next shipment!!! We will be bringing a new shipment in soon and some people have requested for some rare shrimps which are quite limited. These pre-order are first come first serve so if the limit is hit we won't be bringing in more since we got a limit of our own. Also there will be a 10% off for those that pre-order the rare shrimps we will be bringing in. Please PM if anyone have any questions or want to place an order. Pre-order deal will end by Jan 11th since we will be shipping out orders starting Jan. 12th earliest. Thanks,
  20. Hi Guys, Don't miss out on these great deals!!! Taiwan bee, PRLs, and higher end shrimps sale is still currently going on and will be extended until Dec.21st !!!! PM me or simply place an order by posting!!! There will also be a RAOK (5 MK Breed PRL A grade) for those that made a purchase during the Neocaridina and the ongoing event!!! Thank you, Blue Crown 2nd Event) Christmas High Grade Shrimp Sale!!! Starting Dec.15-21st!!! ****Buy 5 shrimps get 1 shrimps free or buy 10 shrimps get 3 shrimps free!!!**** Black King Kong- ($17) Black Panda-
  21. Hi shrimpspotters, We at Blue Crown is happy to present you with our updated Shrimp/Product list. Please take your time to browse through our list and if anyone have any questions just send me a message. Thank you, Blue Crown P.S Sorry I do not know why but can't copy and paste here so the list is attached as PDF. shrimp and product list.pdf
  22. Offer title: 5 + 1 Golden Bee Shrmp Offer Submitter: mayphly Offer Submitted: 14 Nov 2014 Offer Category: Shrimp These unique goldens come from my sss crs tank. They are all white with red cheeks making them kid of unique to other golden shrimps. You will receive ones similar to the pics I have posted. They all come from the same tank. The shrimp will range from pee-wee to sub-adult. All the shrimp I sell are healthy and come from a well maintained tank. These shrimp are bred by me and so I only have a limited amount available. They will be shipped in a kordon breather bag inside an i
  23. Hi Everyone, We are a new company that specializes in high quality ornamental shrimps specifically neocaridinas, CRS (all Grade), PRL CRS, and Taiwan Bees. If you have any questions please just send us a message and we will be more than happy to help you. Also due to our connections we are able to find species of shrimps that are extremely limited such as super princess bee, yellow king kong, green hulk, Aura blue tigers, etc. If you are also looking for rare and extremely limited shrimps we are the people to ask. Thank you, Blue Crown Aquatic Trade
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