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Found 7 results

  1. So I’m new at both fish keeping and shrimp keeping. Now I have 2 - 5 gallon fish tanks (one with a Hillstream loach, 4 Danios, a couple moss balls and some hornwort. The other has 1 male betta, 2 mystery snails, a moss ball and some hornwort) and 1 - 29 gallon tank that I’m currently trying to cycle (right now it has hornwort, java moss and some spiderwood in it but no fish/snails/shrimp) I’ve been testing my water in all my tanks about once a week. I started my two other fish tanks out of an impulse almost... I saw my betta at Pet Supplies Plus had a tank in my basement and decided I had to take him home... so I hadn’t cycled my 5 gallon tanks before I stuck anything in. I know it’s not good but I hadn’t done any research so I didn’t know better. Now I do. But my question is: I haven’t had ANY nitrites in any of my tanks. My ammonia and nitrates are there... my ammonia hasn’t gotten over 1 ppm and my nitrates haven’t gotten over around 40 ppm in ANY tank that I have. But why am I not seeing any nitrites? Is it Bc my tanks have plants in them? Thank you for reading this super long post and thanks in advance for any advice/answers you can give😊
  2. To start, yes I've read this article on mystery snail colors and genetics and it does not answer my questions and yes I have searched endlessly on Applesnail.net for answers as well. I cannot make an account on their site and ask them either as their sign-up page is very buggy and does not load the CAPCHA correctly, not allowing me to see the entire CAPCHA image or what I'm typing into it. I want to know what makes a mystery snail an albino VS it being an Ivory. Why can one be sold as one and not the other? If a true albino snail is to have no pigmentation then are the mystery snails with chestnut shells I see sold as "albino" not really albino?
  3. 26gal bow-front tank, 75F, water changes every other week, and the occasional weekly smaller changes to control algae and debris in the gravel, no feeding or fertilizing, ~35 shrimp mostly shrimplets, and two sulawesi giant golden rabbit snails. I got a single snail hitchhiker when I got my first batch of plants and didn't clean them properly. I've grown attached to the little dude and his name is Fresh. Now, two months later, my glass is crawling with snails and other pests (copepods). Some of the tiny snails have spiral shells like Fresh, and others are conical. Is Fresh producing these babies in its own? If I get rid of him, will the babies stop appearing? I have about 5 adult cherries at the moment, and 30+ babies all grazing like mad. I never feed or supplement the tank, I clean the glass every few days, vacuum the gravel during water changes, and only have the light on long enough for my plants to thrive. The water temp is 75F and the shrimp are spawning like mad. I thought by now they'd out-eat the snails. My goal is to have fewer baby snails on my glass. Controlling copepods is a bonus, but I'm not really concerned with them. The solutions that have been suggested to me thus far: Get rid of Fresh, the adult snail. Just keep squishing the babies I see on the glass. Make a snail trap and clear out as many as possible that way. Turn the lights on for fewer hours during the day. Get assassin snails for a while. Hope that eventually the shrimps will be numerous enough to out-munch the snails. Turn on my UV Sterilizer to discourage more growth of munching material. Please let me know what information to add here, and what your thoughts are. If it's futile-- so be it. :/ Thanks, y'all. I'll probably look like an idiot within two replies.
  4. Hello everyone, I have this 1litre jar and I'm thinking of adding snails to accompany my brackish water shrimps. Because a litre is not very big, I am hoping to get a snail that doesn't grow very big because I don't want my jar to look crowded. Are there such tiny snails available? Thank you
  5. Freshwater AQUARIUM tank break down due to relocation. Package includes, approx 3-4 Dwarf Neocardinia Blue Velvet Shrimp, 2-3 Nerite snails,possibly 1 Assasin snail, various plants as seen in pic, Marimo moss balls, Christmas moss, and large driftwood piece with fissiden moss attached measuring approx 22Wx16Dx9H. All plants and mosses are freshwater species and have been growing under lower watt led lights. Low maintenance. $65.00+ actual shipping costs. Pick up available in Madison, Tn. also.
  6. Hey Y'all- So i have an explosion of Ramshorns in one of my tanks and i need to unload! You pay for shipping and i will send you 5+ Ramshorns of mixed colors. I have blue, pink, brown, clear/milky shells. What you get will be random..the most common will be brown but i will be sure to keep it mixed. They are bb size and larger. I am also down for any trades as well...low grade/culls, moss, etc... I do not have heat packs so please mind your weather. Shipping will be up to you on whether you want to pay for priority or express. If we trade we can figure out the shipping details. Picture below is of some adults in a different tank but the ones i am giving you are all from the same original group of these colors. I think i should have about 10 packages. edit: you can have as many as you want...so if you want more than 5-7 just say so...
  7. I have a 5g with 3 dozen assassin snails. I plan to start breeding neos in the same tank. Will they compete for food? Will having too many snails reduce the biofilm for the neos to feed off of? Or should I remove all the snails?
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