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  1. Hi I have been cycling my caridina shrimp tank for about 3 weeks now. There isn't still any nitrite or nitrate popping up yet and was wondering if maybe something has stalled it? I dose ammonia but controsoil is leaching ammonia to 1 ppm. I also dose seachem stability and also use a same sponge pre filter that I have on my other tank filter intake. I currently have a goftball size java moss and some giant duckweed in the tank. My lastest test this morning is A: 1ppm / Nitri: 0ppm / Nitra: 0ppm Substrate: Controsoil PH: 6.5 GH: 6 KH: 0 Temp: 83F
  2. Hi all. Its been a while since ive been on here. Im going to set up a 55 gal for all my taiwan bees. Does anyone have an idea on how much brightwell i would need to buffer 55 gallons? Also what type of substrate should i use under the brightwell for good plant growth? Thanks
  3. Brown, Extra-fine-particle (~1mm) Fired Volcanic Ash Base Substrate Overview Natural volcanic ash with beneficial properties for aquatic plant growth and long-term care of fishes and motile invertebrates requiring slightly-acidic, low-GH water conditions. Ideal for use as a substrate in shrimp biotope aquaria. Binds elements that contribute to hardness, lowering GH and resulting in a slight acidification of alkaline water to a pH of less than 7. Used as a primary substrate, forms the basis of a stable growth medium for rooted aquatic plan
  4. Currently own two 60 gallon freshwater tanks and a nano saltwater reef, now want to try a nano/micro shrimp tank! I got a 3 gallon cube and sponge filter with an LED light etc. Everything except shrimp, plants and substrate. So I have a few questions. I want a planted tank with some amazon sword or hair grass with plenty of java moss and maybe an anubias attached to a small log in the center. But what substrate is best for Neocardina shrimp? I want to keep blue velvets or blue dreams and know I would need darker substrate for better color on the shrimp. But whats best for the plant
  5. I am comparing ADA New Amazonia soil with Fluval Stratum in very similar 20G long tank setups. I intended to compare Amazonia with Controsoil, but Controsoil was not available when I planned the comparison. I will add plants and rocks and turn the light on after ammonia levels become undetectable. One interesting initial observation is that nitrate levels were very high in Fluval Stratum tank, but ammonia levels were low, and high ammonia levels in Amazonia tank (as expected) but low Nitrate levels. Day 1 (July, 21, 2015) 1. Install Hamburg Mattenfilter (black 45 PPI foam from swisstrop
  6. INTRO: The Fluval Shrimp Stratum is the ideal substrate for your aquarium. It's ideal because in addition to providing the plants with all the necessary nutrients and minerals, it promotes healthy root growth as well. A substrate is a base for the aquatic plants in an aquarium and is an important requirement if you are aiming for the aquatic life to flourish. This substrate is a derived from volcanic soil. And if you have wondered why Hawaii is blessed with its lush fauna, that is your answer right there. People who are interested in growing plants have hailed volcanic soils as their el
  7. Hello. I am brand new to this forum so I apologize if I didn’t tag my post right or do something wrong. But I need some insights/help on my new shrimp tank. I am keeping raccoon tiger shrimps in a temporary 2 gallon cycled acrylic QT tank until my real shrimp tank finishes cycling. (Yes I bought the shrimp before I matured my tank 🙄 too late) i read that my raccoon tiger shrimp need a PH in range 6-6.5 but the LFS and their current QT tank are at ph 7.5-7.6 kh 3-4 Gh 7-8. The shrimp have been in the QT tank happily for a little over a month now and have been
  8. I have been using UP Aqua Shrimp Sand 1mm size for years with great success. Perfect product for me. However... I recently bought some from guppysaquariumproducts.com.au (Australia). It was a larger size, about 2-3mm, and looked a little different. It came in a vacuum-packed bag, instead of loose in a regular bag. I figured it's just the larger size that I have heard about, but that it would be basically the same. Not! Within 90 days most of it has disintegrated to dust. Stirring up the substrate produces dense, heavy clouds of 'smoke' - the disintegrated material. It's a disa
  9. What i'm hoping to do is make a shrimp tank for 27.05 USD. i have a gift card to pet smart for that amount (from returning something). I already have a 5 gallon tank a hood (no bulb) and a filter housing ( no sponge or cartridge) a net That's all i have. What i think i have enough money for pre filter on the intake (~4) (only biological and mechanical filter in the tank) one marimo moss ball ($8)(they have fake ones that do grow moss and are a couple of bucks cheaper. are these ok?) Declorinator (like $8 for 3 oz) Light (~4.50)(will th
  10. So thought I'd do a journal so you can see the progress as we start a tank just for our shrimp we want to prepare for Novembers contest. The tank is approx 10 gallons, the perfect size for a selection tank. Here is the first week of setup. First steps: May1st SL-Aqua Nature Soil powder. Next, add 1 spoonful of SL-Aqua Magic Powder Then I added 1 spoonful of SL-Aqua Milione Adding just enough RODI water to cover the soil, then adding SL-Aqua Purify. I used approximate 200ml.
  11. hi guys im new in here and wanted to see if someone could help me. i have research but still haven't decided on which substrate to use, i want to start 4-6 new 10 gallon tanks for taiwan bees and crystal red/black shrimp. wich substrate should i use? i have only used fluval substrate but my shrimp haven't breed yet so i want to try something new??
  12. I am planing to acquire some crs and crb. I am wanting to raaise the ph of the tank to about 6.4 - 6.7 to get optimal conditions for the crystal shrimp. The tank is currently at a 6 possibly lower ph I can only see so much with an API test kit I have ada Amazonia soil which buffers the ph Down, how would I maintain a stable ph of 6.4 - 6.7 along with keeping a low ph. Also I have fire red cherrys stocked so any changes would have to be as steady and subtle as possible. I was also thinking of weaking the buffer but idk how to go about that with shrimp inside idk what to do at this point.
  13. I just got some Brightwell, attracted by its "no ammonia spike" reputation. It only seems to buffer down to a pitiful 6.4 pH, however. I use RO water. I want a healthy bee tank and presumed a 5.3-5.5 was optimal. Am I going to be forced to use something that I'll have to cycle for months to then hope for a buffering time window of 9 months, or am I looking at this all wrong? Thx,
  14. https://buceplant.com/products/controsoil?variant=23339321601 We have controsoil available! Used by many shrimp breeders in Taiwan for its buffering capacity and keeping water parameters ideal for Taiwan bees/CRS. Works well for planted aquariums without the heavy initial ammonia leeching. PM us if you have any questions!
  15. Hi, I'm trying to look for white sand for my 20G tank and I don't know what brand is good and i'm scared if I buy it, it's not going to be inert. I plan on getting green jades after it cycles. Does anyone have any recommended brands or links? Thanks
  16. First of all, I wanto to introduce myself, Im Camaron, Im new on this forum and I'd like to learn to pet (and maybe breed) some shrimps! I've tried once to breed 5 RCS but I failed, since I wasnt well informated and I didnt ask someone more expirienced, this time I dont want to fail again so I looked for a shrimp forum and make some questions to poeple who know about this topic. I want to start again, I just cleaned my tank (a 30 per side cube) [26liters - 6.5 gal] with just water and cleaned the sand (black inert silica sand), let the sand dry with the sun and packed i
  17. Hi, So I'm starting a fluval Spec 3 for neo or OEBT. Haven't completely decided. Some of my plants came in today so I'm setting it up tonight. I added a little layer of of Benibach mineral powder, then about cm of Tropica Plant Substrate (which is not supposed to alter ph, merely a clay substance that absorbs nutrients and can be used under gravel/sand) and then I added 2 to 3 cm of National Geographic black sand (also not supposed to alter PH). I used RO water and RO/DI. Well my PH is showing at over 9!!! I'm not happy. Even my plants won't survive in that and with shippin
  18. So in another thread I was having issues with National Geographic black sand and I am going to scrap it in my fluval spec 3 that I am setting up. I can either order and get in the city when I go next weekend a limited choice of substrates. I probably want OEBT but I want to have a choice to go with neos too. I have ADA on hand but I know that won't work. I need some help with which of the following would work best: Tropica Aquarium Soil/Powder (which supposedly lowers PH & KH but I have no Idea how much???) Does anyone know? Fuval Stratum Flourite black sand and I think Flora
  19. Hi! Nice to be part of this forum. I am starting my first shrimp only tank. Its a small tank and I know bigger is always better but this is being done at my place of work. I have never used aqua soil before. I set it up on Feb 3rd and used some seeded media from my betta tank, which I trust. I read that aqua soil would spike the ammonia levels but wow! They rose to way over 4. I did water changes with RO water that I buy from a local store. I even went in on the weekend once to do a WC. Unfortunately when I tested TDS on the RO I got a reading of about 25. I live in small t
  20. Hi all, Recently, almost everyone who was asking for my help has a common pattern. It is the tank has Controsoil as substrate. Just yesterday alone, there are 3 cases and today there are 2 cases. Not saying Controsoil is problematic, but it is similar to last time with ADA AS, when more people are using it then the challenges will start to surface. As such, I am starting this thread for people who are facing problem with their tank that is using Controsoil to share their problem. In this way, we may able to find out the pattern and maybe learn how to use this substrate in a better
  21. Hi This is my first post so I apologise if it was covered in another post/part of the forum. I am going to start a new tank soon a 13 gallon tank using stuff from my current tank(first shrimp tank that i need to disassemble due to not having to much space) I am from Europe so I will use mainly products found in here easily so for substrate I choose Shirakura Red bee sand. My question is:can I use the current substrate in the small tank(2 months ago) (Glassgarten Environment soil )to kick start the bacterial cycle or it would have any substances build up in it that can be dangerous for Crs
  22. does anyone know where i can find controsoil in the NYC long island area? i know amazon has it but i kinda need it ASAP.
  23. Hey All, Friday I broke down (2) 20G tanks and set up a new 45G rimless tank. The substrate from the established tanks was UP Shrimp Sand and over a year old, so I started the 45 with a new bag of Controsoil and seeded it underneath with a couple very thin layers of the established Shrimp Sand and a sprinkled layer of BioPlus underneath on one off the layers. I was also running an Eheim 2215 on one of the old tanks and a Cascade 700 canister on the other and I moved both to the 45G so it has 2 established canister filters running. Added 1/4 old tank water and filled the rest with RO water re-
  24. I use it for my neos tanks with great results. Dirty cheap, $3.95 50lbs Just rinse with tap water, bake it in the oven for overnight. it's ready to use.
  25. So as I wait for the new shrimp to come. I'm still fiddling with the tanks and trying to figure out the best substrate in relation to the color of the shrimp. Something that will be light enough for blue/dark shrimp. Since for Neos I don't need to use something to do a job for the water buffering I can choose just for aesthetics. Right now all my tanks have black sand and low light. It was cheap, seemed like a good idea but even my Pumpkins disappear into it. I worry i wont be able to see the shrimp at all. I came across 3M color quartz mentioned on a ciclid forum and they have a plum and gre
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