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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have been cycling my caridina shrimp tank for about 3 weeks now. There isn't still any nitrite or nitrate popping up yet and was wondering if maybe something has stalled it? I dose ammonia but controsoil is leaching ammonia to 1 ppm. I also dose seachem stability and also use a same sponge pre filter that I have on my other tank filter intake. I currently have a goftball size java moss and some giant duckweed in the tank. My lastest test this morning is A: 1ppm / Nitri: 0ppm / Nitra: 0ppm Substrate: Controsoil PH: 6.5 GH: 6 KH: 0 Temp: 83F
  2. Hi all. Its been a while since ive been on here. Im going to set up a 55 gal for all my taiwan bees. Does anyone have an idea on how much brightwell i would need to buffer 55 gallons? Also what type of substrate should i use under the brightwell for good plant growth? Thanks
  3. Currently own two 60 gallon freshwater tanks and a nano saltwater reef, now want to try a nano/micro shrimp tank! I got a 3 gallon cube and sponge filter with an LED light etc. Everything except shrimp, plants and substrate. So I have a few questions. I want a planted tank with some amazon sword or hair grass with plenty of java moss and maybe an anubias attached to a small log in the center. But what substrate is best for Neocardina shrimp? I want to keep blue velvets or blue dreams and know I would need darker substrate for better color on the shrimp. But whats best for the plant
  4. I am comparing ADA New Amazonia soil with Fluval Stratum in very similar 20G long tank setups. I intended to compare Amazonia with Controsoil, but Controsoil was not available when I planned the comparison. I will add plants and rocks and turn the light on after ammonia levels become undetectable. One interesting initial observation is that nitrate levels were very high in Fluval Stratum tank, but ammonia levels were low, and high ammonia levels in Amazonia tank (as expected) but low Nitrate levels. Day 1 (July, 21, 2015) 1. Install Hamburg Mattenfilter (black 45 PPI foam from swisstrop
  5. INTRO: The Fluval Shrimp Stratum is the ideal substrate for your aquarium. It's ideal because in addition to providing the plants with all the necessary nutrients and minerals, it promotes healthy root growth as well. A substrate is a base for the aquatic plants in an aquarium and is an important requirement if you are aiming for the aquatic life to flourish. This substrate is a derived from volcanic soil. And if you have wondered why Hawaii is blessed with its lush fauna, that is your answer right there. People who are interested in growing plants have hailed volcanic soils as their el
  6. Hello. I am brand new to this forum so I apologize if I didn’t tag my post right or do something wrong. But I need some insights/help on my new shrimp tank. I am keeping raccoon tiger shrimps in a temporary 2 gallon cycled acrylic QT tank until my real shrimp tank finishes cycling. (Yes I bought the shrimp before I matured my tank 🙄 too late) i read that my raccoon tiger shrimp need a PH in range 6-6.5 but the LFS and their current QT tank are at ph 7.5-7.6 kh 3-4 Gh 7-8. The shrimp have been in the QT tank happily for a little over a month now and have been
  7. I have been using UP Aqua Shrimp Sand 1mm size for years with great success. Perfect product for me. However... I recently bought some from guppysaquariumproducts.com.au (Australia). It was a larger size, about 2-3mm, and looked a little different. It came in a vacuum-packed bag, instead of loose in a regular bag. I figured it's just the larger size that I have heard about, but that it would be basically the same. Not! Within 90 days most of it has disintegrated to dust. Stirring up the substrate produces dense, heavy clouds of 'smoke' - the disintegrated material. It's a disa
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