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Found 25 results

  1. The shrimp bug has definetly hit me. After successfully starting and establishing my 10 gallon Crystal Red shrimp tank. I quickly realized that I want more! So here's my journey/journal of the Taiwan Bee tank. Or more specifically Blue Bolt tank. I don't know why but the lower grade blue bolts look awesome to me with the blue head and white body. Or of course the extreme blue bolts. Tank Size: 10 gallons Substrate: SL Aquasoil Filtration: Dual Sponge Filter rated for 50gal! Whisper tetra air pump rated for 40 gal.(a bit overkill but overfiltration = cleaner water IMO) Heater: Aqueon Pro 100W. (I probably could have went with the 50W easily but the 100W was cheaper.) Lighting: Nicrew 20" LED 11Watts Additions: cholla wood, Alder cones, Indian Almond Leaf Plants: still deciding on which moss to use. Keeping it low tech. I should be getting everything in the next couple of days and plan on seeding the tank with beneficial bacteria from the filter in my CRS tank. I was also thinking of running the dual sponge filter in my current tank and then using that in the new tank. Or would I be ok with just squeezing the existing filter into the new tank? pics to come! ***Side Note... Salty Shrimp gh+ with a TDS 100 = to GH 6
  2. Hey everyone I been keeping shrimps for a while now and have several shrimp tanks ranging from 5g all the way to 60g. I figured I started documenting my journals here. First lets start off with my favorite tank. 30 gallon riparium tank. Tank Measurements 24x24x12 2 x 24 inch Finnex Ray 2 Ehiem 2213 Sponge Filters ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Plant and Shrimp list will be posted later. Anyways here are the photos from the start to finish.
  3. hi im looking for caridina shrimp im almost done cycling my shrimp tanks but i dont know what to put in there? post pictures and prices of what you have for sale ill be interested in blue bolts,shadow pandas or something like that
  4. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Macro shot of a Red Pinto
  5. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Red Bolt Shrimp USA bred
  6. who has for sale the cheapest shado pandas or pandas or king kongs? looking for something cheap for a project and to
  7. hi guys im new in here and wanted to see if someone could help me. i have research but still haven't decided on which substrate to use, i want to start 4-6 new 10 gallon tanks for taiwan bees and crystal red/black shrimp. wich substrate should i use? i have only used fluval substrate but my shrimp haven't breed yet so i want to try something new??
  8. Cannot seem to find these guys anywhere and I am not to concerned on grade. Maybe some of you great hobbyists with a tank going would be able to spare 10-15 of these lil guys? Thanks friends
  9. Hi everyone, Today I have lost two of taiwan bee shrimps, when observing I feel may be related to molting issue. Can someone see the picture and explain for me why they are died? These are my tank parameter: PH: 6.2 GH: 5 TDS: 140 NH3/NH4: 0 NO2: 0 NO3: 10 Many thank for your support
  10. Hi guys, Cheers from Istanbul/Turkey After I got successful about my Cardinal tank (you can see the journal link from my signature) I decided to take my chances with Taiwan Bee shrimps. It was long research period that I spent to make sure building the tank with the best conditions as much as possible I could. Size: 70x35x32h (84 liters) Filter System: - HMF Filter - Sunsun Hw 603 B Mini Cannister Filter - Undergravel Filter (PoweredWith Air Pump) Lighting: Daylight, blue and white LED Water chemistry: RO water + GH+ Mineral Substrate: ADA Amazonia Normal type (1 package aka 9 liters) Others: Mangrove, Mini Java Fern, Indian almond and some other seasonal leaves, Borneo Wild Bee Ball 1st days setup: 05/10/2014 pH 5.3 TDS: 220 microsiemens GH: 6-7 kH: 1 Temp: 21.5 C - Since I had used HMF Filter (because it makes maximum bio area) I had to use high density sponge to make sure shrimplets will not pass through the sponge. Here below you can see the sponge I used: - For the substrate: Bottom 0: I had used Borneo Wild Minerax and Enlive at the bottom Bottom 1:Undergravel filter Bottom 2: A thin mosquito net to make sure shrimplets will not go to the bottom Bottom 3: Sera Siporax Bio Ring Bottom 4: ADA Amazonia Normal The tank is now only 2 days old and in cycling period. I want it to cycle around 6-8 weeks but not sure If I should do water changes on a weekly basis to make sure ammonia to down or put a guppy into it and no water changes for 2 months or something, what do you propose? The other set up pictures are below. I will keep you guys posted about the progress. Regards Emre
  11. Hi. After lurking on these forums for a long time, I've decided to start a Taiwan Bee tank and document it all. I usually focus on high-tech planted tanks, but deep down I got started in the hobby due to my love of shrimp. I've only kept RCS and crystals in the past, but never set up a tank dedicated for them. Usually they were housed in my various high-tech tanks, and while they lived, breeding wasn't the best due to CO2 injection / ferts. So for this tank, I want to keep it minimalistic, for me anyways, with just some moss and buce. I know Taiwan Bees are one of the toughest shrimp to keep, but I've always longed for a colorful shrimp tank, and due to cherry shrimp producing wild-types, I've always kept a single neo color in my tanks. I just want a tank of happy, healthy, and colorful shrimp! Started cycling the tank on 4 April with seeding media, and as of a few days ago, it's cycled. I'm just adding 2ppm ammonia daily to keep the bacteria happy while I decide where to get shrimp from. I'll do a 100% water change before adding shrimp. There's a nice layer of biofilm all over the substrate and glass thanks to the MK-Breed Golden Powder. Haven't decided on food yet, but I have various types of SL-Aqua that I've fed my crystals in the past. I'm looking to trying out LOWKEYS series of foods. Here's the stats: Hardware ADA 45p (34L , ~9 gals) Eheim 2213 Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus (18 inch) NAG Bubbler Substrate Brightwell Rio Cafe-XF (Keeping it at a 6.6ph) Glas Garten Betaglucan MK-Breed Silver Powder MK-Breed Golden Powder Bucephalandra (All from Han Aquatics) Mini Velvet Dark Mini Velvet Brownie Ghost Blue Kedagang Sekadau Velvet Green Wave Moss (All from Han Aquatics) Christmas Moss Mini Pellia Food (All from Han Aquatics) Monday - Lowkeys Ebi Supple or Lowkeys Ebi210! Wednesday - Lowkeys Spiral or Lowkeys B18 Power Protein Friday - Lowkeys Vitamin Kale or Lowkeys Ultra Supple and CSF Pure Mineral Weekends - Amaranth or Mulberry leaves 2x a week - Wet toothpick tip portion of Bacter AE for additional biofilm Others RODI Water with Salty Shrimp GH+, MK-Breed Blue Diamond, Lowkeys GH Mineral Balance x4 (5dH, 0kh) Lowkeys Amino Acid Vital Plus Cholla Wood Indian Almond Leaves Guava Leaves
  12. Hey SS. Decided to move my shrimp journal here. The other website isn't really a community anymore (not since you guys all moved here) so I decided to make things easier and just post here. With TapaTalk, I find myself always posting on here anyways. This journal is to share my experience with photography, shrimp keeping, and general knowledge. I keep a lot of shrimps, so I didn't want to make too many post so consolidating everyone I own into a single thread is simple. This will compose pictures and setups of all my shrimp stuff. Those familiar with me on the other website should already know I keep Taiwan Bees. Specifically, I keep Pandas, Shadows, Blue Bolts, Extremes, BKK, Red Wines, Ruby Reds, Dragon Wines, etc. There's too many morphs of Taiwan Bees to know. I also keep PRL including Xin/Feather PRL, and Nishiki PRL. Future plans is to finish my semi-rack at my parents. Things are cooling down now and I'm buying a few cooling supplies to help endure the hotter summers to come. Just got some stuff so I'll try my best to update with photos of what I have. Mainly, I want to post pictures of shrimps and develop my photography skills. Any tip on taking macro photography is greatly appreciated! Anyhow, here's a photo of a Blue Bolt.
  13. As the title says I am looking to delve into taiwan bee breeding as the next step in my shrimp keeping. I don't care if they are low grade, but I don't want to have to sell an organ to afford them
  14. I have had my tank up and running since March of this year. I had many berried shrimp, but had a very low baby survival rate. I was also experiencing random deaths, about two a month. As I continued to observe my shrimp I saw that some of them had poor coloration and thin shells. I also started seeing hydra on the walls of my tank and on some of my plants. I had been reading many great reviews on Shrimpy Daddy products and wanting to try some. I reached out to Shrimpy Daddy and told him what I was observing and asked his recommendations. He had me send pictures and details of my observations from the beginning of my setup to present. He created a personalized plan of attack. I placed an order and he sent me his entire line of products to get the job done. I sterilized my tank, plants, and other items such as driftwood, cholla logs, feeding dish, and Crimson baby shrimp houses with Revive Vita. You can follow the sterilization process here http://www.shrimpydaddy.com/pages/how-to-sterilise-a-shrimp-tank. This process eliminated the hydra. Here are the details of my tank after sterilization: 20 gallon long tank holding Taiwan Bee, PRL, and a couple Taitibee shrimp. The substrate is Controsoil Parameters: Temp: 74.5 GH: 6 TDS: 147 pH: 6.6 Ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite: 0 Products: Revive Bianco Alpha and Beta water conditioners Revive Vita, Revive Colore, Revive Minerals, Revive Vivace, and Sinewy Cereal S dosed according to Shrimpy Daddy's recommended regime chart found here: http://www.shrimpydaddy.com/pages/recommended-dosing-regime. Equipment: 2 sponge filters (I will be upgrading to a HOB Fluval C series filter within the next few months) Finnex Titanium 50-watt heater Finnex Planted Plus light fixture Marina breeder box (small) with airstone and Zoo Med LED Betta light Accessories: Cholla logs Spiderwood Malaysian driftwood (tiny) 1 Minerock 3 Crimson baby shrimp houses Foods: HAN shrimp foods Amaranth leaves My shrimp were introduced back to the tank yesterday at 1 pm. Here are pictures of a few of my shrimp 15 minutes after they were put in the tank: Black King Kong Panda Blue Bolt Blue Bolt Blue Bolt Berried Ruby Red Blue Bolt Blue Bolt Dragon Red Panda Golden Mischling Golden Mischling Light pink speckled Taitibee Low grade Blue Bolt Low grade Blue Bolt Black King Kong one stripe and pink Ramshorn PRL Shadow Panda Berried Black King Kong Panda Tatibee Aqua Blue Bolt Wine Red Extreme One day old Tibee with orange eyes Pink Ramshorn (Note: I will not be editing my photos or using any filters so observations can be made clearly.) I had a few initial observations. My first observation was how active my shrimp were. I have never seen my shrimp as active as they are now. My second observation was a successful molt 4 hours after introducing them to the tank. My third observation was a newly berried blue bolt only 5 hours after introducing them to the tank. My fourth observation was the appearance of some of my plants. They looked much healthier and displayed a more vibrant color. My fifth and final observation was the coloration of my Wine Red Extreme had changed dramatically in less than 24 hours. The red was a much deeper red, almost maroon. You can see that this is the same Wine Red Extreme as the one pictured above because it has a small white dot on its sides. I can't say thank you enough to Shrimpy Daddy for dedicating many hours to answering my questions, coming up with a personalized plan for my tank, walking me through the tank reset and sterilization process, sharing his wealth of knowledge, and giving me the opportunity to try his entire product line. My shrimp and I are extremely grateful. I can tell my shrimp are much happier. The babies are as active as the adults. I am confident that I will continue to see positive changes in my shrimp. It's only been 24 hours and I am beyond happy that I messaged Shrimpy Daddy for advice. This has been such a positive experience. Tomorrow will be my third day of dosing Shrimpy Daddy products. I will continue to document my observations.
  15. I found an interesting new type of Taiwan bee in my tank. Only two so far. At first glance they look like a regular blue panda but on closer inspection you will see the blue is translucent like a carbon or blue dream neo. The white that is normally behind the blue is gone. Is this new or has anyone seen them before. They are really cool and stand out from the other shrimp.
  16. Hey guys, I came across Blue Jelly Taiwan Bee & Hulk Taiwan Bee pics recently but I've never seen them for sale or heard anything about them. Could someone please fill me in on these? Any info would be welcome. I think they are pretty amazing.
  17. This is my first time posting in the marketplace so I hope I'm doing this right. I've been searching high and low for Red Bolt Taiwan Bees. Anyone know where I can find them for sale? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi guys, We currently have some packages of TB x CBS mischling ( From my own project tank) for sale. These guys are still juvies to sub-adult and they are great beginner shrimps as well. If interested or want more information please send us a PM. 2 Types of Package: 1) 10 Mischling for $40 2) 20 Mischling for $70 Shipping : Priority Shipping (No DOA Guarantee): $12 Express Shipping ( DOA Guarantee included): $35 DOA Policy: Priority Express shipping comes with our DOA-Free Guarantee in which we offer a refund on the dead shrimp(s) or store credit. Any DOA claims can be easily accomplished by taking clear digital pictures of the dead shrimp (within 2 hour of delivery confirmation) while the shrimps remain in the untampered Kordon bag . Our DOA-Free Guarantee will be void if customer, by their own accord, is unable to receive the package on the first delivery attempt or other problems concerning outside operations (i.e. weather, USPS service, etc.). We also welcome local pickups as well.
  19. Hey guys! I'm looking to buy taiwan bees or taiwan bee mischalings. i live in CA and will pay for shipping. -king kong -blue bolt - red wine -panda
  20. Hi Guys, Don't miss out on these great deals!!! Taiwan bee, PRLs, and higher end shrimps sale is still currently going on and will be extended until Dec.21st !!!! PM me or simply place an order by posting!!! There will also be a RAOK (5 MK Breed PRL A grade) for those that made a purchase during the Neocaridina and the ongoing event!!! Thank you, Blue Crown 2nd Event) Christmas High Grade Shrimp Sale!!! Starting Dec.15-21st!!! ****Buy 5 shrimps get 1 shrimps free or buy 10 shrimps get 3 shrimps free!!!**** Black King Kong- ($17) Black Panda- ($15) Red Panda- ($20) Blue Bolts- ($16) Deep Blue Bolts- ($35) **Limited** Extreme Black King Kong- ($35) ** Very Limited** ** Shrimps listed above must purchase 5 minimum ****All shrimps listed below are 25% off !!!**** Mk Breed PRL (A grade)- ($25)----->($18.75) **Very Limited** Mk Breed PRL (S Grade)- ($40.00)----->($30) **Very Limited** Fancy Red Tiger (A grade)- ($40.00)----->($30) **Possible Pinto Gene Carrier, Limited** Light Blue Body Mosura/Flowerhead King Kong- ($75.00)---->($57) **Very Limited** Blue Body Mosura/Flowerhead King Kong- ($100.00)---->($75) **Sold Out** White Back Pinto- ($120.00)----->($90) **Sold Out** Zebra Pinto- ($120.00)----->($90) **Very Limited** Shipping and DOA Policy: Shipping we have two options. Priority shipping (2-4 days) is $12 while Priority Express shipping (1-2 days) is $35. Priority Express shipping comes with our DOA-Free Guarantee in which we offer a refund on the dead shrimp(s) or store credit. Any DOA claims can be easily accomplished by taking a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp (within 1 hour and 30 minutes of delivery confirmation) while the shrimps remain in the untampered Kordon bag. Our DOA-Free Guarantee will be void if customer, by their own accord, is unable to receive the package on the first delivery attempt or other problems concerning outside operations (i.e. weather, USPS service, etc.). We also welcome local pickups as well.
  21. Offer title: FS: 1 Mix Panda Taiwan Bee Package Offer Submitter: Ch3fb0yrdee Offer Submitted: 03 Nov 2014 Offer Category: Shrimp Hello Shrimpholics! I have... 1 Mixed Panda Package- $160.00 This mixed package of Pandas will include 10 young adults. These guys are near breeding size and I would estimate another month before they are ready to breed. These shrimps are all tanked bred and raised, not import like most of other shrimps available. You won’t have weakened shrimps due to stress from long distance shipping that will die off within a few weeks. These are sturdy shrimps bred by me. Taiwan Bee shrimps are a beautiful mutation of the normal Crystal Red Shrimps, so if you’re successful keeping Crystal Red Shrimps, you’ll find success in keeping Taiwan Bees. My Parameters are as follows: TDS: 150-220 pH: 6.2 – 6.4 gH: 5-6 kH: 0 Buyers are welcome to swing by and check out my shrimp tanks and ask questions. These are beautiful shrimps and you will not be disappointed. Availability is limited!! Shipping: USPS Priority EXPRESS - $35 with DOA Guarantee *Note* DOA claim will only be valid if a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp are taken inside the untampered bag within 2hrs delivery confirmation. DOA is voided if package is not received on 1st delivery attempt. **Note** Shipping price is non-refundable USPS Priority - $12 (NO DOA w/ this shipping option) ***I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE US*** Thanks, Ch3f Click here to show this offer
  22. Hello Fellow Hobbyists! I have a couple of things for sale! SOLD OUT!! I 10 Xin/Feather PRL available for sale with 2 options. Shipping: Package includes 10+2 PRL for $135 with live arrival guarantee. Local Pickups: Package includes 10+1 PRL for $115, located in San Jose, California. Secondly, I have Taiwan Bees for sale. I have Pandas and Mischlings for sale. Prices are as follows… Pandas - $15/ea Shadow Pandas - $18/ea Black King Kongs - $15/ea Mischlings - $5/ea *Shipping for non-packaged shrimp deals is $25 with DOA guarantee. ** As always, local pickups are welcomed. I am usually available after 4pm daily. Lastly, I have shrimp related goodies and plants for sale.. Shrimp Foods: Nigon’s Baby Bacter (30g) - $15.95 *Free Shipping Powder-type food designed for shrimp and micro-organisms. This product is specifically formulated to feed shrimp and organisms of all sizes. The powder food helps feed microorganisms our naked eyes can’t see. These organisms are what our newborn shrimp feed on to grow. This product is also consumed by the shrimp themselves. It is a dual purpose product. Furthermore, when setting up a shrimp tank, it is a good idea to dose this powder food into the tank. It helps to encourage microorganisms to grow before adding shrimp into the tank. This way, shrimp can feel more comfortable by having an abundance of food to pick at. Feed one spoonful (per 10-20 gallons) every 2-3 days when you begin to see babies. If your multiple females give birth at roughly around the same time and you get a baby boom, do not hesitate to feed daily. This product CAN be fed on a daily basis as it is near impossible to foul the water when kept at recommended dosage. Feed sparingly at first and increase the amount as you see fit. I use this for my Taiwan bee tanks and have noticed an increase in shrimplet survival rates. SL- Blue Wizard Water (250g) - $19.95 + $4.50 Shipping Excellent product to use for shrimp keepers who want to use liquid dosing for mineralizer their RO water. Specially made for Bee shrimp but can certainly be applied to other shrimp, as this is a universal RO water mineralizer. This formula has all the essential trace minerals required for a healthy, balanced shrimp tank that allows them to molt and grow without complications, when properly dosed. The bottle has a head pump for easy application. The main advantage of a liquid mineralizer over powder mineralizer is that the liquid form is easier to use and diffuses into the water much easier, thus avoiding small pockets of concentrated minerals. You will not need to age the mineralized water with this Blue Wizard Water because it does cause immediate pH drop like dry salts mineralizers. 1mL = 1Gal = 5 - 6 dGH 250mL is sufficient to mineralize 250gal of water to 5-6dGH. This product is very potent. Definitely a great value! SL-Aqua M.O.R.E Meat (25g) - $12.95 *Free Shipping An excellent animal-based protein food for shrimp. The main source of protein in the pellets is fish, not plant-protein. This enhances growth of the shrimp. You should notice a difference in speed of growth when feeding protein to your little babies. The pellets stay intact and solid for the most part, so removal of uneaten food is easily done, if left uneaten for longer than 6 hours. Feed accordingly to your population’s needs. Strongly recommend this product if you’re experiencing a large boom in your shrimp population that are in the Juvie stage. This product should help them grow into mature breeding adults, and condition adult females for breeding. My recommended dosage is at least twice a week. Best used with SL-Aqua Veggie. SL-Aqua M.O.R.E Veggie (25g) - $12.95 *Free Shipping This product contains only veggies, no added animal products in it. A recommended staple food for any shrimp tank. You can’t really go wrong with this. All natural ingredients! Unlike many other foods, the pellets do not dissolve into mush. So it doesn’t rot away in the tank as easily and removal of uneaten food is easily done, if left uneaten for longer than 6 hours. Feed accordingly to your population size. I would recommend feeding 3-4 times a week, alternating with SL-Aqua M.O.R.E Meat. SL-Aqua White Plus (25g) - $13.95 *Free Shipping A treat for shrimp that should be fed once or twice a week. The food contains necessary minerals and trace elements that allow the shrimp to grow thick shells. This product helps improve the colors on your shrimp through allowing their shells to grow to their maximum thickness. A thicker shell means the intensity of the color we see on our shrimp will be much greater. Do not expect this product to magically turn a bad looking CRS into a $500 PRL shrimp. This product merely brings out the best your shrimp can do. So if you feel like your shrimp are not looking as good as they were in the past, then you may want to pick this product up and give it a try for a month. I like to feed my shrimp this product in the middle of the week, a few days before I do water changes. This way, when I do water changes and my shrimp begin to molt, I feel more comfortable that my shrimp have been fed the necessary nutrients to molt into thick shells. Best used in combination with SL-Blue Wizard Water. Snowflake (60g) - $6.95 *Free Shipping This was a cool food I discovered during my visit in Hong Kong. Many stores and breeders in H.K. use Snowflake food in their tanks. These “snowflakes” are actually soy husks that have been pressed into pellet forms. When added into the tank, they expand and scatter into the tank like snowflakes. It takes roughly a week or two before the snowflakes fully disappear from the tank. Until then, each snowflake acts as a constant food source for shrimp. Snowflakes are a goldmine for micro-organisms and shrimp take advantage of it. I gave a bag to my friend who kept Taiwan bees that refused to take pellet food. After trying out the snowflake, his bees swarmed the flakes. For the first time, in the year he’s kept his shrimp, they were eating something given to them. While it is near impossible to pollute a tank with this product, my recommended usage for this product is 1 cm of snowflake pellet per 10-20G tank with an established shrimp colony. For new tanks that have just started (assuming you start with 8-12 shrimp), use 2-5mm only. The reason I feed sparingly is because overdoing the snowflake can make a tank look messy. So it’s more of an OCD thing for me. But when it comes to shrimp food, always judge on how much you feed accordingly to population. Start small and escalate as you see fit. Packages and Samples also available: SL-Aqua Complete - $60.00 Shipped -Package includes: SL-White Plus, SL-Veggie, SL-Meat, Snowflake, and Nigon’s Baby Bacter SL-Aqua Complete+ - $75.00 Shipped -Package includes: SL-White Plus, SL-Veggie, SL-Meat, SL-Blue Wizard Water, Snowflake, and Nigon’s Baby Bacter SL-Aqua Samples - $10.00 Shipped -Package includes: SL-White Plus (2g), SL-Veggie (2g), SL-Meat (2g), and Snowflake (10g) Mini Collectible CRS/CBS - $30.00 Shipped Eriocaulon Cinereum - $20.00/ea Cryptocoryne Flamingo - $60.00/WYSWYG(Pictured planted) Mini Pellia - SOLD Fissidens Fontanus - $25/WYSWYG/Centered *Nice thick mat Mini Fissidens - SOLD *Note: Both Mini Pellia and Fissidens Fontanus are grown on 3x3 SS mesh. These will be taken out when the sale is made and you will be shipped the carefully packaged moss. Mini Pellia will be layed flat and sealed so it doesn’t arrive broken/damaged. Both Mini Fissidens and Fissidens Fontanus will arrive balled with SS mesh removed. Shipping will be $5.50 for all plants and items not marked with free shipping or a shipping cost next to the unit cost. Please be mindful of your local weather. Things have been cooling down in California, but please still be mindful. Shrimps must be received on first delivery attempt. Buy with confidence. Thank you!
  23. What's going on Shrimp Lovers! For those of you who don't do the Facebook thing, I have some brand new stock that will be available for shipping starting Next Tuesday 8/19/14. This is what I have: Crystal Red Shrimp (SS+) *juvies* $4.00 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) Crystal Red Shrimp (SSS) *juvies* $6.50 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) *pictured here mixed in with Taiwan Bees* Crystal Black Shrimp (S) *juvies* $4.00 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) Snow White (low grades) *juvies* $4.25 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) PRL-Feather *juvies - subadults* S pattern $23.00 (buy 6 get 1 FREE) MORE STOCK PICTURES BELOW Shipping: USPS Priority EXPRESS - $35 w/ DOA Guarantee Important note: DOA claim will only be valid if a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp are taken inside the untampered Kordon bag within 2hrs of delivery confirmation. DOA will be void if for some reason you were not able to receive the package on the first delivery attempt. Shipping price is non refundable. USPS Priority - $12 (DOA Policy is VOID with this option) **I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL US** ** For all California buyers: California Sales tax is included in the purchase price. ** PM me if you'd like to place an order or have specific questions. Keep in mind, quantity is limited on most of the shrimp variants so make sure you contact me ASAP to secure your order. Orders will start shipping out Tuesday 8/19. Thanks, Nick
  24. Hello ShrimpSpot members, I'm offering everyone 10% OFF before shipping on all sales. Ends July 4th: Crystal Red Shrimp (SS+) *juvies* $4.25 or buy 10 get one FREE Crystal Red Shrimp (SSS) *juvies* $6.50/shrimp or buy 10 get one FREE Crystal Black Shrimp (S) *juvies* $4.00/shrimp or buy 10 get one FREE PRL-Feather *juvies - subadults* S (adult shown in picture) $23.00 Black King Kong *juvies* $17.00 Panda *juvies* $17.00 *juvies* Extreme Black *juvies* BKK $25.00 Wine Red *juvies - subadults* (some may exhibit the Dragon marbling) $18.50 Blue Bolt - low grades *juvies - subadults* $15.00/shrimp OEBT (no blondes) *subadults* $7.00/shrimp or buy 10 get one FREE Blue Velvet *adults* $3.00/shrimp or buy 10 get one FREE http://images108.fotki.com/v1623/photos/4/1503564/13036870/photo4-vi.jpg Blue Diamond *adults* $7.00/shrimp or buy 10 get one FREE http://images60.fotki.com/v224/photos/4/1503564/13036870/photo2-vi.jpg Shipping: USPS Priority EXPRESS - $35 w/ DOA Guarantee Important note: DOA claim will only be valid if a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp are taken inside the untampered Kordon bag within 2hrs of delivery confirmation. DOA will be void if for some reason you were not able to receive the package on the first delivery attempt. Shipping price is non refundable. USPS Priority - $12 (DOA Policy is VOID with this option) **Coldpack is highly recommended for those who live in hotter climates (over 90*F) - $1 per coldpack please let me know if you want to add one to your package. **I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL US** ** For all California buyers: California Sales tax is included in the purchase price. ** PM me if you'd like to place an order or have specific questions. All packages ordered will ship out Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for looking folks, Nick
  25. Sold out of mischlings! The orange rilis pictured are for sale now, $4 per. I have an excess of mischlings in my tank. I started with 10 F1s that were a direct cross from TB and CBS. I now have about 50 in my tank descended from the originals, and 20 TBs. TB patterns include wine red, shadow panda, regular panda, black king kong, and blue bolt. The pattern on the mischlings range from S - SSS. I will pick a random sampling, please no picking (may cost extra if you really want to). The mischlings you receive will be chosen form the 50 or so I have, I cannot confirm exactly how close to the F1 generation they are, but I am still getting TBs from the tank. $4.50 per shrimp, your choice of CRS or CBS. Priority or express box, insulated, but I am out of heat packs at the moment. Please mind your weather. Live arrival guarantee with express if a picture is given showing dead shrimp within two hours of delivery. Please let me know if you want express and I can check pricing. No LAG with priority, but if something bad happens I am more than willing to work something out. Priority is $12.
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