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Found 19 results

  1. Safari Red tigers (Fancy Red Tiger) mid to high grade (bred by award winning breeder Monika Pohler of Germany) $150-$350 ea Safari Red tigers (Fancy Red Tiger) Higher grade sexed trio, F/F/M, one berried $750 shipped Calceo Bees 5/$125 (1 group available) Safari (mixed phenotypes) $10-$20 ea Safari Red TiBees $8 ea OE Red Tigers (gold body) $25 ea Safari Tiger 'Ghost' $25 ea OERBT $12 ea
  2. Hello. I am brand new to this forum so I apologize if I didn’t tag my post right or do something wrong. But I need some insights/help on my new shrimp tank. I am keeping raccoon tiger shrimps in a temporary 2 gallon cycled acrylic QT tank until my real shrimp tank finishes cycling. (Yes I bought the shrimp before I matured my tank 🙄 too late) i read that my raccoon tiger shrimp need a PH in range 6-6.5 but the LFS and their current QT tank are at ph 7.5-7.6 kh 3-4 Gh 7-8. The shrimp have been in the QT tank happily for a little over a month now and have been
  3. I have these CBS that were born a while ago that are showing charicteristics on their belly’s that I haven’t seen before. And before anyone says anything I know these shrimp look like garbage which is really puzzling me because I keep the water parameters stable, clean the tanks every other week, and I feed them properly with Shrimp King (Complete, Protein, YummyGum, Algae Pops); GlasGaeten (BacterAE, Shrimp Baby, Betaglucan). If anyone could answer the additional question of why they’re deteriorating like this that would be great…
  4. Shrimp Boutique has partnered with international award winning German shrimp breeder Monika Pohler (Shrimp Art) to bring her amazing shrimp to the United States. All shrimp were bred by her and in her tanks. Select packages will include a Hand made 'Shrimp Art' Serial Numbered identity Coin and includes registry into the 'Shrimp Art Coin Club' which has many perks and benefits with future orders etc. Below is a current list of what is available and ready to ship - Current (Shrimp Art) Safari Tiger ‘Dancing Man’ offers!** (Packages very limited) All shrimp Developed and Bred by award winning
  5. I'm curious, which tiger shrimp are people breeding with crystals to get the really awesome looking red fancy tigers? As in tangerines/OEBT etc.
  6. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Safari 'Red Marble' Tiger shrimp developed and bred by Monika Pohler of Germany
  7. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Red Safari Tiger ' Dancing Man' shrimp developed and bred by Monika Pohler of Germany
  8. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Red Safari Tiger ' Dancing Man' shrimp
  9. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Black Safari 'Dancing Man' Shrimp developed and bred by Monika Pohler of Germany
  10. For the holiday season we are offering some high end shrimp and packages! Package #1 - (5) Red Marble Safari Shrimp (Black Grade but will include at least 1 Silver Grade) Includes 1 hand made Black 'Shrimp Art' identity Coin for the group. Developed and bred by Monika Pohler of Germany. This group is offspring of the same colony that took 2nd place in both European International Contests the last month. Will throw some 'Silver Grade' even chance of 'Gold Grade' offspring! Price is 5/$450 or $100 each (Unsexed) Shipping is $12 Priority or $35 for Express. DOA guaranteed only with expres
  11. Hi, I'm new at shrimp keeping and new to the forum (hello!) and bought what were described as blue tiger shrimp from local dealer. They are dark bluish-black, 2 of the females have a brown stripe down their back as you can see in the photo, the other female (right in the photo) doesn't, she is dark all over (and berried) the the moment. Spotted a few fry in my tank so they're obviously happy enough. Can anyone fill me in on what I've actually got please ? Much appreciated! Colin.
  12. One of my favourites (I am into natural forms a lot) since I got some from the first import last year. Caridina sp. Raccon tiger from Vietnam. I personally feel they look more in the direction of Paracaridina, but noone has had the time to do research, DNA and so on yet. Extremely hardy. I have kept them from 200 to 500 microsiemens and pH from "very low" to almost 8. Temperatures as most other species from Vietnam/South China. There is a similar species with small spots on the belly called Caridina sp. Umbrella Corp. that comes in mixed with these sometimes
  13. Selling a few fancy tigers from one of my breeding tanks. Sizes will range from 1/4" and up. Mostly peewees and juvies. This tank is pretty consistent breeding wise with 95% showing up with white on the back. $4 each, limited quantities available. Shipping Priority is $12 for styro lined box and breather bag. I only ship on Saturdays so please keep that in mind when ordering. Please message me here or email me at kalnight@aol.com
  14. High Quality!!! $9 each and $15 for shipping or 5 for $ 50 shipped! Don't miss out these home breed High Quality beautiful healthy Shadow Mosura Shipping for less than 5 shrimps would be $15 with USPS priority. Package is well-insulated and professional. DOA only covers if u get the package at first attempt and send me pic WITHIN 1 hour in a unopened shipping bag next to the shipping label which clearly show the dead shrimps.
  15. Hi all, New member here and started my first shrimp only tank recently. I was keeping a small colony of TT's in my betta tank, but decided to move them to a dedicated 10 gallon tank. A buddy of mine gave me about 2 dozen more TT's (technically TangTai he says). I also added 12 pseudo tibees and 12 mischlings. Since I'm new to all this I thought it would be interesting to see what comes from this tank and learn a bit, then decide to selective breed once I get the hang of it. I'm keeping them in RODI remineralized with SL-Aqua Blue Wizard to about 180tds/gH 5/kH 0/tem
  16. HOT!!! Red Tiger with golden eyes genes! with free plant! $13 each, buy 5 get 1 free Shipping $15 with USPS priority, well insulated box. DOA only covers if u get the package at first attempt and send me pic WITHIN 1 hour in a unopened shipping bag next to the shipping label which clearly show the dead shrimps. Golden Eyes Red Tiger
  17. Hey, has anyone seen Raccoon Tigers in the US yet? I've seen lots of German breeders with them, but have yet to see any over here!
  18. I'm looking to purchase regular tigers if anyone has some for sale in neo water! pm me please
  19. Joe's Aqua new shipment will be arrival on 7/26, so we restart pre-sale right now. All the pre-orders are 30% desposit requested. The SOONEST we can start to ship preorder should be after 8/1 Deadline for Pre-sale deal is 7/23. Free Fedex 2 Days shipping on all orders $130 and free Fedex Overnight shipping for $200 above. Enjoy it now, Shrimpers!! Shipping Cost: 1. Fedex Ground $15~$19* (only for 1~2 shipping Days area, such as CA, NV, WA, ID, OR, and most of AZ and UT) 2. Fedex 2 Days $26 3. Fedex Overnight $35 4. USPS Prioi
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