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Found 2 results

  1. Help! I really need to go to bed, but something is terribly wrong!Today I got an order of about 55 various colored neos from The Shrimp Factory (great shrimp, love them), and I put about 45-50 in my 5 gallon. Before I set the tank up, I'd stuck its filter pad in with my ten gallon's filter for a couple weeks, then I set up the tank (caribsea eco complete on bottom, pool filter sand cap, thrive caps in there too, I have a ton of plants coming in a couple days - the shrimp came early and the plants are late, so I wasn't able to get it planted first), added some pygmy cories and a chubby pond snail and waited another two weeks, and everything was going just fine. No ammonia, no nitrites, no problems. The shrimp arrived a few days early but they look great. I moved the snail and cories back to my 10g, then dosed the 5g tank with prime (just to be safe, I always do in newish tanks before adding their new permanent inhabitants). I added a few of the shrimp to my 2.5gallon, then put the rest in the 5 gallon. About two or three hours later I decided to test before I went to bed, nitrates were slightly high, but the ammonia was at 4ppm (not 0.4, nono, a full 4ppm)!!! I was floored! I quickly did a 50% water change, dosed more prime, added a second bigger filter with a spare (nice and dirty) filter pad I have on hand, and tested just minutes later. No ammonia. I unplugged the filter, waited five minutes, and the ammonia was 0.5ppm already!! I'm not exaggerating the timeframes, it's that fast. I removed any organic material in there that had dead algae or might possibly be decaying, but nothing is helping and I'm losing my mind. This is my third tank, and neither of my other two have ever had a spike this insane, especially not with shrimp. I'm scared something in the tank has maybe fried my bb... even in the dirty filter I just set up!?!? I don't know what else to do besides more water changes and prime (all night!). Astonishingly, everyone looks alive and well in there right now. the levels have been going up, but a bit slower, so I just did another 50% change and vacuumed the gravel to make sure there's no leftover food from the cories or anything. Ammonia went back down to 0, but 15 minutes later was back to 0.5 ppm.... I have no idea what to do... do I move half of them to another tank? There's nothing in my 5g yet except a stubby amazon sword, a few marimo balls, and a fake hollow pirate ship and fake hollow ox skull (got them both at my LFS).I haven't even fed them yet! I have to work tomorrow and I'm terrified I'm going to lose them, please help!
  2. I’m currently cycling a tank. I added ammonium hydroxide 8 days ago. A day later it dropped to 1ppm. Seven days later, it is still at 1. This is the fourth week of cycling, and I am past the nitrite spike. I have 0 nitrite, 1 ammonia, and abt 20 nitrate. I have 20 snails in there. Why is this happening?? I am super frustrated and have never heard of this happening to anyone. Like I said 0 nitrites!!! I used to have 0.-1 nitrites and now 0. Why do I still have ammonia, and why hasn’t it dropped after 7 days???!!
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