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Help On IDing These Shrimps


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Hi guys, I recently purchased some blue steels from a reputable seller/importer but none of them look anything like what was advertised. I thought they temporarily lost their colors because of the stress from shipping but it has been 5 days+ and not much of a difference. If anyone with experience with blue steel shrimps can chime in and offer some advice/thoughts, that would be most appreciated but other fellow hobbyists' opinion are welcome too.


3 of nicest ones look like the first photo which the head has some dark blue on their head. Then there is one that looks like a regular blue bolt like the second photo. There is one that looks like some sort of weird shadow spotted mosura that I couldn't get a picture of yet because it hasn't come out. I will try to get a photo of it later if I get the chance. The rest looks like the ones in the third and fourth photos. And the fifth and last photo is what was advertised on their website.


What are your thoughts? How do I differentiate blue steel from blue bolts? Will they color up and look like the ones on youtube and google images once they reach adulthood? Many thanks in advance!






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12 hours ago, JonRon said:

Looks like Blue Bolts. Not Blue Steels.

😟Not even the one in the first pic from my first post? I managed to get pics of the other 2 nicest ones. The nicest one(first photo) looks quite different from the rest: the blue on the head is very dark and the color on the carapace isn't opaque like the rest; like speckles of dark blue and white sprinkled on a transparent shell. And the other top 3(second photo) has a dark blue blotch on its head but the thorax is opaque like the rest. Also got two more photos of the others(third and fourth photos). Still couldn't managed to get a photo of the weird looking one, but I'll eventually get it.


Any chance any of these are blue steels or anyone know how to accurately differentiate blue steels from blue bolts with just blues on their heads? Thanks!





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Finally got a pic of the weird looking shrimp. Looks like some sort of weird shadow mosura but I think it looks cool. If only the blue on the head was darker but oh well. If anyone know what this pattern is called, please let me know. I am really bummed out if these shrimps aren't blue steels. Never expected something like this from a reputable seller. This blue steel craze didn't work out for me. Maybe I'll look into getting some other shrimps. 😞


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I have posted a video for you to have a view of a few Blue steels that I have in my aquarium. These are F2 generation from a cross with Aura blue X Blue bolt. Possibly with Red bolts, and multi strip photo's. Feedin on my homemade organic food.



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Wow, the intensity of those blues really puts the shrimps I received to shame. I see a red skunk/fishbone-like shrimp in there. Does that pattern pop out from common pintos sometimes, or was it achieved from the crossing? 


Going to give up on the blue steels but hopefully the ones I got are merely blue steel culls/low grades and can get some good ones from breeding. Too much disappointment with these shrimps 😑. Thanks everyone!


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