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Tiger shrimp (red/black crystal shrimp)

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I have never kept these exact shrimp before but i have kept neos rather successfully and i am using a very large tank. 
All the water parameters except for tds and/or water hardness are easy for me to get to my tap water is somewhat acidic (ph6.2) that i can bring up and buffer closer to 6.7 my main concern is my water from the tap has literally nothing in it.

I am talking a TDS score of 1 or 0 from my tester even after adjusting the gh and kh values and setting up a buffer and moving it to the ph i wanted my water still has a tds score of 35 the water hardness test says 25.

i noticed on all the sheets the seem to recommend 100-175  do i need to add random crap to my water to reach this level? if so what random crap can i add that doesn't mess with the water chemistry?

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Tiger shrimp and CRS/CBS are not the same and are generally kept in different parameters.
Tigers would most likely be in neo parameters depending on where you get them, while CRS/CBS would be caridina parameters.

Take a look at this:https://www.discobee.com/blogs/news/17030569-dwarf-shrimp-water-parameters


I also recommend you do some reading on water parameters and buffering since it sounds like that's new to you and you want to have a handle on that before buying any livestock.
Specifically, look into gH, kH, and pH. I don't have any links handy but it's covered plenty of places (including on this forum) with a bit of googling.

To answer your direct question:
- for neo parameters https://flipaquatics.com/products/shrimp-mineral-gh-kh?variant=43063556100

- for caridina parameters https://flipaquatics.com/products/bee-shrimp-mineral-gh?variant=43063611268


You actually do want to mess with water chemistry, like by adding specific minerals to promote shell growth or to keep the water in specific pH ranges, for example.

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So you're getting pretty much pure water (devoid of minerals) from your tap.   The same thing many of us aim for by using an RO System.  

From here, you will want to add minerals back to your water to support aquatic life as aotf mentioned above.

I use Salty Shrimp gH+ (for Caridina Parameters) and Salty Shrimp gH/kH+ (for Neo Parameters) to remineralize my RO water and make it suitable for shrimp.  With Caridina Parameters, you need something to keep the pH stable, so active/buffering substrate is used.  For Neo Parameters the kH keeps the pH stable, so you use an inert substrate.  

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