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Sulawesi Shrimps


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Hi there,


Just checking in to see if anyone keeps and breeds Sulawesi shrimps? I’ve kept them and bred them on and off since 2007 and just made a short video of my latest successful shipment. All doing well after 1st wc and eating 3 types of my foods.

Here’s the link to the video:


let me know what you think of the video


And I hope to plan to make a 10 part video series on setting up, keeping, breeding and caring for them


Happy fathers day everyone

And have a great day





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I really want to start a sulawesi tank. Are there any breeders that are selling right now, preferably on the east coast of the USA (but not a deal breaker)?
Love the blog and the videos-
thx. not 100% too sure. they really don't ship well. I'd say out of 100 ordered 60 made it and about 30 left after a week. but great news. after 4 weeks they're berried and babies everywhere. as usual the key is the 1st generation

shrimpfever does carry and ship them and they're in the east

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