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Help CRS Tank PH

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Hi All,
Need some advice on my CRS Tank. a little background about the tank. I started the CRS tank about a year ago with Fluval Shrimp Stratum. The tank has some seiryu rock ( big mistake), drift wood, and Guava leaf and is filter by sponge filter. In the beginning I was able to maintain the PH at 6.8 with the substrate, and I use RO water mix with Salty Shrimp +GH. Over a period of time, I notice my CRS shrimp stop breeding, so I tested the PH and the pH was at 7.4. So i changed water with mixed RO and Salty shrimp at 6.8. I changed 25% of water at a time, however, the PH never even drop. And after testing my KH, the water is literally at 0. Then after some online research, found out the Seiryu rock increase ph. So I took out the rocks and changed water again, however, even with 3 water change over 2 week period, the PH still maintain at 7.3, KH at 0. My guess is that the Fluval Stratum absorb the rock mineral and won't allow my PH to drop. I even took some new controsoil and put it in a container and drop it into the tank and the PH still doesn't drop. So I bought a bunch of IA leaf and toss it in. If anyone have any advice or reason why my PH won't drop, I would really appreciate it. Thanks


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Your substrate is exhausted and needs to be replaced.  Fluval stratum doesn't last much over a year under normal conditions and it's buffering capacity was reduced by adding the seiryu stone. 

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