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rkk + ykk compatible?

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I know they say taiwan bees such as blue bolts and wine reds can be kept in mix tanks without hybridization. but i haven't read or seen any info on yellow king kong with red wine. 


Would it work if I add ykk to my red wine tank? 


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I'm no expert on this and I haven't done the specific cross you're mentioning but I'll take a quick stab until someone more knowledgeable corrects me: 


The interesting part of that cross is that --despite both being called KK-- red and yellows have very different genetics. They're not just variations on the same base, YKKs are widely believed to have some TT mixed in. As far as what they'll produce... no real idea. I would guess a variety of pintos and TBs, maybe some interesting and colorful taitibee-like patterning that could be selected for over generations. Not an average of the two parents or a WT reversion (unlikely in caridina), but probably not exclusive RKK and YKK offspring.



...please follow-up if you try it out, that would be a super interesting cross.

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blue bolt and wine red is from same "original parent" even they're same, originated from same breeder and i believe when He say from same cross between  red and black bee of caridina cantonensis. They can and will mixed, if someone say, they can keep together and not  cross breed, red wine and blue bolt, that just a random and maybe the shrimp was crossbreed but the result still wine red or blue bolt shrimplet and the breeder think, they're not crossbreed

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