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Hair Algae Help


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As the thread title says, I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on dealing with hair algae.  I have a 75 gallon low tech tank.  Inhabitants are a colony of fire red neo shrimp, a couple of otocinclus, and a couple of dwarf cory cats.  Substrate is Black Diamond blasting sand with Seachem flourish tabs.  Lighting is a 48" shop light with two 32W T8 bulbs, set on a timer to be on 7 hours a day.  Filtration is a canister filter.  Planted semi-heavily with rotala indica, bacopa caroliniana, hygrophila pinnatifida, corkscrew val, dwarf sag, and various mosses attached to cholla wood.  There are several various sized pieces of dragonstone.  Water is 100% RO water remineralized with salty shrimp GH/KH+ to 215 TDSpH is 7-7.5.  I've been dealing with hair algae for awhile now, and I'm tired of manually pulling it out.  I found liquid Hair Algae Killer on ElevateShrimp.com but I'd rather use it as a last resort.  Reason being that the product description says "While this product will work on its own, the presence of algae within the aquarium indicates an imbalance of nutrients (N-P-K and or micro nutrients) that is enviably the cause of algaes in the first place."  So I'd like to get the conditions right so i don't have to keep adding Hair Algae Killer if it ever comes back.  Anyone have any advice on getting the imbalance of nutrients right?  Is there an all-in-one fertilizer that helps in this regard?

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