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Taiwan bee shrimplet survival

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Despite numerous berried Taiwan bees I have almost no shrimplets surviving, yet in the same tank the shrimplets of the tangerine tigers do fine. 6 weeks ago I was so paranoid that maybe something was eating them that I dosed the tank with panacur C despite never seeing any planaria but taiwan bee survival is still close to 0. I'd guess at least 50% of tangarine tiger shrimplets survive.

Parameters are ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates <5, tds 130, temp 73F, ph 6.3, gh 6, Kh 0. (I use GH+ in distilled water for water changes and the substrate is Mr Aqua shrimp substrate)

Im stumped, the tank is heavily planted with mosses, water lettuce, anubias and java fern and the 20 gallon tank has been established for 8 months. I feed with bacter AE once shrimplets have hatched and the adults get a variety of shrimp foods. The tank also has snails and rhabdocola. Any suggestions to improve taiwan bee shrimplet survival? Im thinking of slowly lowering the tds but I'm not sure if this will do anything. 


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Where did you get the Taiwan Bees from?  What were the previous Breeder's parameters?  What temp do you keep your tank at?  Any shots (close up and further away) of the tank?  How are you adding water back for water changes?  I drip mine in at about 1gph with no issues and only change 10% a week.

Shrimplet survival can vary based on a ton of variables.  I personally only use Bacter AE to soak leaves in, as without sufficient oxygen exchange/surface agitation it can sometimes suck all of the oxygen from a tank.  I prefer Magic Powder/Aqualex Enzyme, and a DIY Powdered Food that I make to feed shrimplets, I've found that feeding a more complete powdered food has increased my shrimplet survival quite a bit.  


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