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Help All Shrimp Dead


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Hey, guys so all of the new shrimp I bought yesterday died overnight. Before I changed the water and cleaned up I thought I would check the water parameters to see if I could fix it for some more shrimp AFTER IT HAS BEEN FIXED.
I have had this tank for 2 months and got the nitrate cycle going very well, it was heavily planted and had gravel so the shrimp's colour would pop! Every week I would measure my parameters and do a water change if needed or add prime and other chemicals that I use for my other tanks. They are safe and work well.
The tank is a 60 Litres, filtered and gets 24-watt lights for 8 hours of the day. I only added 10 shrimp, hoping they would breed.

My parameters are the following:

Please note that some of these will be ranges to give examples of what parameters I have had over two months. None of these parameters has had any fast swings, it has all been slow changes within these ranges.

pH: 6.5 - 7.2

GH: 6-8

KH: 8-9

Nitrate: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm

Ammonia 0-1ppm

Temperature: 23 Celcius

I measure the parameters of my tap water and adjust accordingly for the tank. I also suspect my ammonia was what killed them, however, the ammonia only reached 1ppm after I added them which I thought was odd as the gravel is not that deep and couldn't have old tank syndrome as its not that old.


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What kind of shrimp?




It's possible your tap has other gross stuff in it that would kill sensitive shrimp. It also seems very hard (kH is pretty high).

Also, 0-1ppm ammonia is a pretty big range (especially with shrimp). Isn't that four increments on the API test kit color scale? Most people consider anything measurable (with 0.25ppm being the lowest non-zero increment) to be too high. Did it hit 1ppm after they started dying? Maybe that was a result of their deaths, not the cause?

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Interesting! I've heard copper mentioned many times before but I've very rarely heard of it actually being an issue. I wouldn't have suggested testing for it, it's a good thing you did!


If it's your plumbing, your best shot is either buying distilled water by the gallon and/or getting a RODI unit (I wonder how they handle copper). Worth getting a copper test kit for that scenario, they're not that expensive (especially compared to the RODI unit).


Good luck!

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