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Red cherry shrimp shipping questions


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Hi Folks,


I'm shipping some red cherry shrimp and had a few questions.   When I ship them, should I be using my tank water so they aren't shocked if I put them in 100% new dechlorinated tap water?  Should I mix it 50-50 (tank & fresh?). 


(Been reading both sides of the coin on these questions on Google). 


Shipping in a breather bag.  Should I Double bag? 


Fill water all the way to the top or have an inch of air on the top?


Knot the bag only or double down with a rubber band?


Shipping priority mail.  What box size would you go with if I'm shipping 12 of them?  Thinking #4 box (7x7x6).  My concern it might not be big enough for both the shrimp and styrofoam.


Thanks! :)

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Use your tank water. Fill the breather bag (no air) knot it 2x. Make sure The bag is soft and not super tight (prone to bursting when its tight like a water balloon) 7x7x6 is always big enough for stryo + shrimp bag wrapped in newspaper. Don't ship later in the week, could get stuck on Sunday. Try shipping Sat, Mondays and Tuesdays via Priority Mail.

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Got some more questions for you folks.  I went into the post office today and told the clerk I was going to be mailing some live shrimp.  She told me that it would be best to have the box shipped with special handling so that the shrimp are hand sorted.  She said it would be rough on them if they are machine sorted.  She said it's a "little bit more" to ship them that way. I found out it's $10.95 for special handling / fragile.





The problem is that if I ship them that way I'm going to make so little on the shipment, I'd be better off just donating them to Petco.    Do you ship your shrimp with special handling?  I could double bag the shrimp and fill it so that they  probably wouldn't take damage if they were bounced around a bit in the sorting facility.  What are your experiences?  Thanks for your help!

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Nice!  Thanks so much Shrimp Life for your response! :) I'm going to ship regular priority mail.  Double bag the guys with the breather bags to reduce leakage.  Make sure the Styrofoam is lined all the way around and put a little loose newspaper inside with the bag to stop any rolling around.  There's some gaps in the styro (due to my bad measuring and cutting) so they shrimp should hopefully get some air if they need it.   Haven't sold any yet but I'll keep you all posted if I'm able to sell these guys before it starts to get cold here.  The #4 box is a wee bit tight if I put in a heat pack.  Not sure if it would fit at all. 

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