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SUPER SALE Homebred Shrimp

Shrimp Life

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ONLY 1 of each package available, my colonies are too large and I need to thin these ones out. Mixed sexes, ratio is not guaranteed.


All of the following Caridina are being sold at adult size -

SOLD! BLUE BOLTS (low grade. White with some light blue on head) 10 for $40 or 20 for $75SOLD SOLDSOLD

SOLD! RED BOLTS (lower grade, Light Peach or very light pink) 20 for $75 SOLD SOLD SOLD! 

SOLD RED BOLT MOSURA/FLOWERHEAD, or Red Markings on head. Body is a light peach or white color and head has red marking. Coming out of my Red Bolt tank 10 for $40 SOLDSOLDSOLD

SOLD! RED TAIWAN BEES (mix of Mosura, Flowerhead, Panda, RKK 1 or 2 stripe, Red Bolt) 20 for $80  SOLD SOLD SOLD!


Caridina are all PH 6/ GH 4/ KH 0 / TDS 120-140


Orange Neocaridina (these are juveniles) 20 for $45 (Pic is of adults, juvies are not as dark , will improve with age)

SHIPPING is $15 no matter how many packages you buy.  USPS Priority Mail.






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