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Baby shrimp lost


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Hello every body

I am newbie in shrimp , I have 60cm X 40 X 40 tank , that setup with EHEIM substart media and Benibachi mineral soil and i have CFS 130 hang on filter that contint seachem matrix media.

and spong bio filter XY 2822 . last water test result  : amonia : 0 nitrite : 0 nitrate near 10

I use Distilled water and Glass Garten liquid mineral GH+ for fix TDS about 160.


i use this food on my tank : Denerle : compelete , mineral , bio taste ,baby shrimp

and biozymn powdewr , Catapa ,

Bactria : BT9 and OSMP


I have PRL SSS ,Every time I see a tank, I notice pregnancy and breeding .... but i just find 3 size baby shrimp about 10 ...

I think i lose my baby shrimp but i dont know why !!!


Please help me to know what should i do ?


WhatsApp Image 2019-10-05 at 20.01.43.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-05 at 20.02.19.jpeg

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A full tank shot would be helpful.

But I can see from first pic, your glass it to clean.  Shrimp need algae to feed on.  When my tanks have algae growing on the glass, then I know baby shrimp have enough food to feed on.

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