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Caradina for sale including Red Zebra Pinto, PRL, Blue and Red Steels, Tiger Pinto and TangTai hybrids 👍


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PRL 5$ from Green Peppers line a while back I am told. Colony is over 2 years old.

Red Zebra Pintos 10$ from Vins line. Starting to show some dark red and occasional head spots

Blue Steels, lower grades for 5$ And better go up from there 10-12$

Tiger Pintos, homemade from a multitude of crossbreeding. 3$ for clearer heads with stripes tails up to 6-7$ for better coverage throughout 

PBL types but they could be crossed with the Tiger Pintos for 2$ each

And regular Red Pinto looking shrimp for 4$ each. Everything is in limited quantities as I am but a hobby guy 🤷‍♂️👍

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