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Whats going on with my RCS?

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hey guys first time here


i have a Red cherry shrimp that is just swimming around the tank like crazy.

this is my first successful tank in a long time and i have learned a lot.


Ammonia: 0

Nitrites : 0

Nitrates: 0

PH: 7.4

Just did a 30% water change yesterday and my air pump back siphoned so i wasn't able to get a new one right away. i have one now. i had just noticed the shrimp doing this this morning.

live stock:

10 black neon tetras

5 corydoras

10 regular neon tetras

1 bambo shrimp

3 cherry red shrimp (i think 2 females and a male.)


Thanks in advance.

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If nothing is chasing it, it could be that a female molted, and they're trying to breed.  You have a lot of fish.  Just my opinion, but I don't like to mix fish and shrimps together.  Remember, fish eat shrimp.  Just saying :)

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