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Recommendation on a vacuum for when the unspeakable happens

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As the number of tanks going up in the corner of my place, I am increasingly worried about leaks/water damage. I know a tank doesn't break very often, but being in a rental with no insurance available to me (looked into the renter's insurance but they don't cover pet damage, which is what a tank leak would be...), I just want to do my best to be ready if the unthinkable happens. My tank stands are all on the carpet, and I thought maybe some sort of wet to dry Vac or water extractor would be handy to have on hand just in case. Does anyone have budget recommendations for ones that have worked well for you? Thanks!

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I personally buy Shop Vac brand myself but pretty much any brand will work. Assuming you're in the USA just goto the Lowe's or Home Depot websites and pick one out with good reviews in your price range. 


A $50 one should be fine for your needs. 

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