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Questions about TDS

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Hey Gang,


I have been keeping CRS shrimp for 5 years. The current tank has been running for awhile. 

Everything is very stable water wise.  I use some kind of volcanic substrate. I don’t recall the brand. Plants and floaters. It’s a small eheim 6g 


I have run the eheim filter and I have run a sponge from time to time. Lately it’s been sponge 1+ year. 

I top with RO/DI


Gh 5
Kh 0
Ph under 6
Tds 108
Temp 74
Zero nitrates

I rarely see breeding and when I started in shrimp my first year it happened all the time.  

I lose shrimp over time. If I start with a dozen in a year I will have 3-4. It’s never on intro it’s slow over time. 

I thought lack of breeding was due to no males so I introduced some shrimp. I had a breeding and have all king Kong’s and blue bolts at this time. While they have grown I know I am losing shrimp here and there. 

I am wondering if my issue is either Ph related or  not enough TDS. I have always kept it low around 100 or so. 

I brought it up to 150 recently. 


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Hi Roborep! I'll try to throw out some ideas, but it sounds like you're doing everything right and that you're knowledgeable about shrimp keeping. Is there anything you can think of that you changed in the tank from when you had success with breeding when you first started keeping shrimp until you noticed that they weren't breeding and slowly starting to die off? 


Also, I'm not familiar or experienced with using that kind of substrate for my shrimp, but is it an active substrate that buffers the water? If the water isn't being buffered that may be the cause of the lack of breeding as there may be fluctuations throughout the day in pH


The fact that your shrimp are surviving and living for quite a while without breeding makes me think that there's something in your tank that's slightly off that's causing stress to the shrimp. Not enough stress that it's causing significant die off, but enough stress to be preventing your shrimp from breeding. The parameters look good to me so I'm not sure if there's anything there that might be causing the problems.

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Hi Roborep,

Your parameters seem to be in check.  I'm not sure what kind of substrate you're using, but how long has it been since you changed it last?  I've had some instances where I would lose shrimps, and all my param were in check.  I simply did a tank reset, and that cured the issue.  I know it doesn't answer your question, but that's what worked for me.  

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