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Please help me sex two shrimp?


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I have two shrimp that don't have saddles, might be immature females but might be males. I haven't been keeping shrimp long enough to tell. I feel like I watched a ton of shrimp sexing videos but I can't tell if their tails are round enough, it seems too vague to me, I guess I don't have enough experience in that area yet 😅 Can someone assist? Thank you!

(PS - I'm starting to think my LFS has no male shrimp... I suspect these are females, and indeed I think all my shrimp are girls... The rest all have saddles. I've been over there multiple times to buy any shrimp I think might be boys (more clear/less color, no saddle), but each time they either don't have any in, or they develop saddles after I take them home :( )



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Hi Kamiface,

Welcome!  It is really hard to tell from your pictures.  They are kinda blurry.  You don't need to take them so close.  Perhaps it will produce a clearer picture.  But, my first hunch when looking at those two I'd say they are female.  


Those look like cherry shrimps if I'm not mistaken.  If you can I would suggest you buy from a local hobbyist.  They will be healthier and cheaper.  Cherries are pretty cheap, so buy about 10.  Chances are you'll get a few males in the mix.  I usually buy my shrimps in batches of 10, and I have always gotten a mix of males and females.  Keep on shrimping.  

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