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Juvenile black rili Shrimp with light eyes mutation?


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I have a 33gal planted tank with a mixture of both caridina and neocaridina together. It’s mostly a display tank and not for any breeding of specific strains. I have different neocaridina color strains including black rose, painted fire red, red rili, blue dream, orange/yellow rilis etc. naturally they throw a bunch of wilds which I cull as much as I can keep up with but I also have fun finding the different color morphs that appear every now and then.


I noticed this little guy this morning that looks like he might be a black rili and he’s the first in my tank I’ve ever seen with light eyes. 

Have any of you ever seen something like this before? I have another black rili so depending on the sex of this light eyed juvenile I may try to breed more with these light eyes. Would it be possible? 








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Agreed. I get a few of those in my own Neo cull tanks, but have never bothered to pull those individuals and breed for it. It doesn't seem to affect vision, for what it's worth. These react to motion and light like their normal eyed counterparts. Seems to occur more on darker shrimp.





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