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HELP!! Family used RAID near fish tank and my shrimps are dead/dying


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Hi Enthusiasts,


My family didn't tell me that they sprayed RAID pest control near my fish tank and I had the lid off for my fans to blow into the water on a hot day.


I discovered they were dying and some are dead and connected the dots. It's heartbreaking bc they're my pride and joy.


The remaining survivors are kicking around & they don't look good. It's likely the toxins and they are twitching and flopping upside down.


I've moved them in a smaller fish bowl in my room without the pesticides in the air and the water was treated prior and I had lots of plants/moss in there for oxygen and added some of the old tank water in. The air con is on as well.


At the moment out of the 24 shrimps, maybe 5 seems to be moving. I'm hoping they will make it through and survive the night but I don't want to get my hopes up as I can see them dropping off like flies.


If there's any advice you can give me that will help their survival, please do let me know. 


Thank you so much, I've felt so much loss, anger and grief the last couple of hours. Hope I can help them fight as much as the remaining shrimps are.



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Unfortunately all of them died but one sole survivor left. He's looking a lot better today and not swimming lob-sided or flopping to the side.


Naming him Boston Rob for now (Survivor TV shows reference) if he makes it next two days. Fingers crossed. RAID is really the worst.


Thank you so much for your reply #shrimplife. I'm a huge fan of your youtube channel. Cycling a new tank now.




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