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Starting a Split 10 Gal Neo Tank- Help!


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If you see anything I can improve on other then size of tank.. Please let me know!  I do not want to do RO, I am using tap water for now. 


Day One: I am starting a new project. I am doing a split 10 galaon Neo tank of Cabin Rili and Orange Rili in the near future (well once the tank is cycled). I am starting of with black fine sand, sponge filter that was in my cherry shrimp tank for a week prior to putting in the tank, I have a tank divider coming from Flip aquatics on 1/24/2020. This tank started on 1/18/2020. I have a heater, light, and rocks. I have added one full scoop of bacteria AR.  TDS is at 307





Day 2: 1/19/2020: I squeezed out my 40 breeder sponge filter into the tank and added two Java Ferns and two almond leafs. TDS is at 292. Waiting on the tank divide, need temp gague.  




Day Three: 1/20/2020: TDS: 302: PH 7.8: Temp is 71- Went to Local Pet Store- ( MN- World of Fish),  got three plants, Water Wasteria, Anubias Nana and a low light grass that I cant remember, I also puticked up Root tabls and Fertilizer.  I added one drop of Fertilizer, and puit in 5 root tabs throughout the tank. TDS now is 319, and i also squeezed the 40 Gal Sponge fileter in my tank again in the PM. 3F.jpg.98939c26b92c8b9534ce8ad541ddedb5.jpg(First picture is AM) 4F.jpg.efa0890ce0b524141db577d08cba40cf.jpg5f.jpg.0ab652e040f2663033746478931251a0.jpg


Day Four: 1/21/2020: Did a 20 % water chage, TDS before water changge was at 330 PH 7.8 and added Fertalizer. 

Day Five: 1/22/2020:  Ammonia was at 0ppm and TDS was at 292. Added Fert and a 30% water change. 7F.jpg.7235823a04b0f67622ab57741e8f9029.jpg


Day six:  Getting KH and GH test delivered.. Tank Divider from Flip is going to be here in one day. 


Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong or could help out!


Thank you,


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Hey Eric! Sounds like you either have kept shrimp before or did your research because I don't see much else that you really need to do to improve your setup. Getting a GH and KH reading would probably be the most beneficial in determining if the water parameters are appropriate for your shrimp, but neos are fairly durable and can withstand a wider range of parameters than caridinas. The temperature sounds good and you don't really need a heater if you'd prefer not to use it. I only say this because I've heard of horror stories of heaters breaking and either constantly staying on and overheating the tank, turning off and not providing any heat (which probably is the best scenario), or even exploding in the tank. I don't use heaters in any of my tanks except my Cardinal Sulawesi tank because those guys require high temperatures in the 80's, but when I first set it up I was always worried that it'd end up killing my shrimp when I wasn't home 😣 but about 4 months in I haven't had any issues so far.


Love the matten filter tank dividers from Flip Aquatics, the only problem that happened for me is that it didn't fit all the way in my 20 gallon so there was a slight crease between the divider and the glass that some of the baby and smaller shrimp could pass through. I was able to fix the problem by stuffing filter floss in the crease, but every once and a while a baby shrimp somehow gets to the other side. Also, this is minor but adding another sponge filter so that there's a running filter on each side of the divider might be beneficial so that each side gets proper filtration, aeration and surface water movement. I have 2 sponge filters in each of my tanks that are run by a single air pump by using a 3 way connector valve, which allows me to get double the filtration with the same number of air pumps. 


Also, not sure about how your tap water is but dosing with Prime prior to adding new water may help to remove any chlorines or chloramines in the water as those are toxic to shrimp. Personally, I'd add it if I was using tap water just to give me peace of mind as it is a simple thing I can do to hopefully prevent a catastrophic event from killing all the shrimp.  


Just a couple of suggestions off the top of my head, but again, I think you did a great job of prepping your tank and being patient. Based off the information you provided, it sounds like your tank is ready for shrimp. I also like having snails in my tank to help remove any excess food and to provide a natural food source for my fish with their poop, but I understand a lot of people don't like the look of snails so that's also not a super important thing you need to add. Good luck and I hope your project turns out well! 👍

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Sorry, I do put stuff ( at work cant remember the name) in my Tap water to take out all the chlorines and stuff out.  I forgot to mention that. 


The tank divider fit perfeft for my 10 gal.  It make be a little off to one side... but who isnt... right... :) 


I am living in Minnesota and feel I need a heater....maybe not if people from midwest and northern parts of the state dont but my basement gets to 60 at times since heat rises. I keep a close eye on tempature... I was even thinking of getting something from amazon to let me know about temp spikes for all my tanks ( 3  now)




I agree with snails! I love them.. I have some in my 40 Gal with my Fish and my 20 gal cherry shirmp tank has lots... Trying to keep this one clean...for now... :) 

I am posting here so I dont fail when I put in shirmp! I think I lost about 8 cherry when I started and felt really bad and thought i had a good cycled tank at the time.. Now I have lots but this cycling my tank thing has me scared! LOL 


Would it be good to test run with some ghost shimp i have living in my 40? 


Thank you for all your help JSaK. What a great community!  

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Perfect! Having the heater is understandable in that case but I got pretty nervous after hearing so many stories of heater malfunctions happening so as long as you're keeping an eye on it you should be fine. Hmm maybe you just got the cherries from a poor source and they were already fairly weak when you got them so the stress of acclimating to a new tank cause them to die. The fact that the rest of your cherries not only survived but thrived and reproduced means that your tank setup was good. I always try to at least get a couple more shrimp than I want to account for any deaths that occur after adding them to the tank.


That'd probably be a good idea! I never thought of that, but I'd say that's probably the closest test you can get to seeing how new shrimp might do without actually putting the new shrimp inside the tank (if that makes sense). Tbh your setup sounds pretty good and since you already have a thriving tank of cherries, I'd think that you should be fine with other neos if you have the same parameters for both tanks. Doing any additional testing and waiting more before adding shrimp would only benefit you in the long run 👍

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Pulled the trigger.  Orange Rili and Blue Dimonds.  Took out the Ghosts first! 


Joe's Shrimp Shack in MN and Danquatics for the orange Rili (6) and

Danquatics for the Blue Dimonds.



Love them.. Want another tank already.. Want Green Jades and some Carbon Rili. 


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