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The budget rack


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I decided to get back into the hobby after a couple years with a 10g saltwater tank and now i have a rack in progress in the corner of my room.

I plan to have a 10gallon mixed/cull tank on the top of the rack, and 3 2.5gallon tanks on the middle shelf.

The picture shows 2 2.5gs but its actually 1 now because the right one started leaking and when i returned it they didnt have any more 2.5gs or a 10g in stock

My lfs usually has some Fire reds and Blue dreams in stock so ill definitely be having those in 2 of the 2.5g tanks, still deciding on the last one though. the moss in the left tank i pulled off a dock near my house and its been in my little sisters betta tank for about a year and only doubled in size since then, and on the right is a crypt wendtii.


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Welcome back! I also took last year off from the hobby and just started back into it about 5 months ago. The hobby changed pretty significantly since I took my break. Good luck and hope you find quick success!

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