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Blue bodied orange Rili?

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MarksShrimpTanks on YouTube has video about his best selling shrimp, he (in Europe) got blue jelly-like shrimp with reds from painted fire shrimp. Genetics of it in our area could be different.


Another one, in discussion about blue jelly caridina, said that he mixed bloody Mary with, don't remember which one, either blue dream or dark blue rili, and got dark red shrimp with blue body.


Red rili has one of the ancestors light blue bodied red-blue rilis, maybe it could split into this kind of offsprings with time. But orange had only orange and red in their breeding line, according to neocaridina family three. I am new to this too.

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The only way to know definitively is to create some offspring yourself to be honest.. The different color combinations are endless, you would just have to keep creating offspring and adding new genes into the lines and then back cross to the colors you want if the lines start bottle necking

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