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Water parameters for cherry and blue velvet please

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Hi @bruce7267ad! Both cherries and blue velvets are neocaridina shrimp, so they have the same parameter requirements. Neocaridina are generally pretty hardy and tolerant of a wide range of water parameters, but they tend to like harder/more alkaline water. I keep my neocaridina in water with GH about 10 and KH about 3-4. I don't use a heater or anything like that in their tanks so my water temperature fluctuates based on room temp, but I'd guess it's probably between 68-75 depending on the weather and time of year. The only thing I measure is GH and KH as I've found those are the most important parameters aside from ammonia, nitrate and nitrite. Above all I find shrimps in general like consistency, so as long as you give them time to adapt to your water using a gradual acclimation process (I always drip acclimate my shrimp) and keep water parameters relatively consistent with water changes they should do fine 👍 Hope that helps!

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Dwarf shrimp water parameters, matches my experience, and for identifying species and water parameters for all other shrimp could be found on shrimp selling websites like ShrimpFever. I kept mine at 78F, they reproduced a lot, and at 72F, everything is a bit slower.

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