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What’s up everyone!


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Howsit!? Finally decided to make an account, I’ve been lurking for A few months. Was debating on trying to get me some Neos the whole time. 

I’ve always been into Fish and other aquatics, had my fair share of Outdoor Freshwater Ponds/Tubs filled with Guppies,Opae,Crays, swordtails, Plecos, and then other tubs/tanks of Different Cichlids, Albino Oscars, and some others. 

But once I saw these Neos, I was instantly in love. The colors are just out of the ordinary, way better to look at then the Brackish Water Opae Ula I’m used to having. Plus the Opae don’t really need much maintenance, most people just stick em in A jar with some rocks and shut the lid and forget about them haha!! 

Anyways, I’m glad to be apart of this community now. Hopefully I can contribute some good info and not only take info from here! 

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Hey @Danky808! I have to ask but are you from Hawaii? Recognize the 808 🤙


Welcome to the hobby! Most of us here are glad to provide any information based on our knowledge and/or experience, so feel free to ask anytime! I used to be into fish for a while, but once I discovered shrimp and especially after I started to figure out how to keep and breed them, I couldn't go back to fish. They're so unique, relatively unknown in the aquarium hobby (although it seems like they're finally starting to get the recognition I think they deserve), and require very little maintenance and tank space. What kind of neos do you have?



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