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How canister filter, connected to undergravel filter, could reduce bacterial and organic load? See linked article.

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Found an article (2009), describing large breeding setups with under-gravel filter and canister filter, connected to it, to reduce organic levels and concentration of noxious germs, with low tech alternative to vacuum bottom twice a week. While in hobbyist tank more common to see "bottom layer where waste and food rest together ".


Any thoughts about this for not an expert? So far, at my knowledge, any filter just pulls tank water through all of this, collected on mechanical filter media, and canister filters are cleaned less frequently than more accessible filters.


With addition of food TDS will rise, there is no way to reduce organic load and noxious germs  without removing uneaten food and waste form tank's "blood stream". Bare bottom and siphoning them out seems to be a more logical way, with pH maintaining active substrate in separate section of the tank (my tanks are  common setup, vacuumed weekly and food removed from dishes twice a day).


Am I missing something and traditional setup could be improved?


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