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not normal


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I know it's hard to see anything in these photos. I have pulled this shrimp out and even with magnification I can't tell what's going on.

He has something around the walking legs. Swimmerettes are fine but he is not swimming.

Last molt was 3-7 and I did a water change a week or more ago.

He does have a crack in the carapace indicating a molt is imminent.

Any chance this is just part of the exoskeleton around his walking legs & head??


Of course my first thought was fungus but when I pulled him out of the tank to look closer it didn't really seem like it. I did go ahead and do a quick salt bath (8 grams in 250 mL for 1 minute). Is that detrimental if he happens to be molting?




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At first I thought this was fungus.

So I did the salt dip.

Then I took the photos and started to think it was perhaps exoskeleton.

He spent a whole day not swimming, even tho there was no obstruction on the swimerettes. When I put him back in the tank after the dip he just floated on the top until I found a way to gently get him down to the substrate to rest on some moss.


FINALLY, this afternoon, he was up and swimming again, so it appears it was a molt issue.


I am soooo relieved.

Rock on, little shimpy!

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I had similarly looking failed partial molt twice, if different tanks with optimal GH, shrimp couldn't leave partially opened shell. Adding mineral supplement (Genchem White Pellet) as a part of their diet solved this issue for me.


But this doesn't work for new neos, in the first few weeks after arrival. Shrimp from some suppliers have this at lesser degree, and the grade of their shrimp is better.

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it's been 9 days since that molt and he is now lying on the substrate with a crack in the exoskeleton

Why is he molting again?


Tank has been running for 1yr+

he is the only inhabitant

I feed very infrequently

tap water is low GH, maybe 3-4. But I rarely do water changes.

I just checked tank and tap GH but unsure of the results. One drop makes the test vial look green, but my reagent is 5+yrs old. But if correct, my GH is 0-4 ish. I thought some people run their tanks at 0 GH?


The only shrimp stuff I have on hand is Salty Shrimp, and RO water

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