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Hi Guys -


I got a some crystal red shrimp that have developed¬†a clear/spotty shell color and I am not sure whether this is a sign of poor health, disease or lack of calcium, or something else... ¬†then some of them are dying,¬†about 1-2 that I can see are dying¬†daily...ūüėĘ


anyone have any insight or idea?

two photos shown but many others have this issue.. 


thank you!!!


long rimless 12G

fluval canister filter 

~150TDS, gh ~3-4

ph 6.2 

ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 30ppm 






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Not an expert, but, if you can, increase GH to 5 dGH, decrease nitrates to 10 ppm, maybe feed in shrimp feeding dish (this allows to keep pollution contained, less noxious bacteria later, and easier to remove uneaten food), and more vacuuming plants at water changes.


If this is bacterial infection, in transparent shrimp seen as cloudiness, including legs (from what I have read), this is a problem. I had unexplained wave of deaths in neos colony in hot time of the year, solved with more cleaning and water changes and treatment with Lowkeys Recovers (if not available, fucoidan powder could be found online, but dosing is unknown).

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