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culling males

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hi all, a question that have  always plagued me. when a fertile female has moulted I observe the thank  in search of  dancing undesirable males  and remove them, leaving the ones I like ,to   mate with her,

what fascinates  me, is that some babies join in the frantic  dance while others dont, I have guessed that they were males and apply to them the same criteria  as to the adult proven males, am I right or may I have  been culling females too?

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i  say that i am not sure that  the inmature ones that join in the persecution of the moulted female are males.

 that is why i ask the forum´s opinion,

what makes me think  they are young males is that only some  do, the others continue grazing as if nothing happens


what do you think?

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the shrimp go in frantic dance from far i know is not only because mating feromon by female, but also when they are hungry and they sense a "new food" is arrive or come into the body of water.

For me, I will only take out and cull the adult male, all the shrimplet would not confuse me, because they don't have ability yet to fertilized female eggs :)

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16 hours ago, pastu said:

are you sure that young males thas go frantic in persecution of molted female are not fertile?

I do agree with you, to cull any bad looking males (All shrimp which go frantic swimming) while you see 1 or few females being targeted by some males, even for the young too.


based on experience and learning, I suggest at least 3 aquarium/or pond, to do selective breeding.

1) the main aquarium/pond, the place which dedicated for the breeder/ shrimp which allowed to mate/breeding, the place for your chosen shrimps ^_^

2) 1 aquarium/pond for the male culls

3) 1 aquarium/pond for the female culls


I highly suggest never mix the male and female culls, that bad for the shrimps and for you. Shrimps will be mating and breeding, if you mix them in 1 place and when their bumber increased, the unwanted shrimps, then you will get more obstacle for breeding and development purpose.


You have the right to culls any shrimp, male or females, or maybe baby (for this, if you want add 1 more tanks, especially for the culled baby shrimps, hehe).

only breed the shrimp that suits your goals, and sometime, don't forget to visit and look to "culls" aquarium/pond, maybe one of them transform into a good looking one or new/unique one.

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you method is certainly very effective  to achieve  high quality shrimps cleeon.


having  selectlvely bred animals all my life  and having a scientific  education and a curious mind,

and having studied  the published strategies to improve the  desired caracteristics of domestic animals 

i follow the low intensity selection for long term  steady improvement of a given population without losing  genetic diversity

so i keep a few desirable adult males in each aquarium an all the females excepting any one that shows a   defect .

I am  always on the lookout  to identify the young males from the young females,  to cull the non desirable ones and let  reach maturity only the very good ones

 this way i have a lot  of babies to  choose from, and , as the older generation  dies off,  gets gradually replaced by  a noticeably better  generation still maintaining  a wide  genetic diversity 


i have to point out i breed red pinto, thus caridinas, no  much problem in culling early  because colour and markings show  from a very early age., the dificulty is to tell males from females before they are ready to breed, that is why i am particularly vigilant if t  catch them in a breeding frenzy, to spot the youngsters that chase the mouted female, asumming  those are male  youngsters

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yes thank you :)


in my life, such a nice experience can meet and discuss someone like you. I like to watch many animal documentaries  on tv from many channels and read books about it, one of conclusion on animals life is, let all the best mating and always exist with their generations, and let no other continue to have offspring.


yes, you're right, first is the fitness, have some defect is a "no"

second is their appearance, because we want it ;)

and the third, if can is their good mentality as pet, for example, I don't want have any shrimp which shocked and go away when I come to visit and see them, but instead continue their daily routine while knowing that I'm close to them.

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I kept a single adult female neocaridina (fire red) in separate tank for a some time, it did the same frantic dance, without other molted shrimp or a male in the tank.

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