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Acclimating New Shrimp

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So I’m not new to acclimating things to A new environment like cuttings of plants, A couple reptiles and animals, and of course fish,crayfish, and some others.. 


But I’m having A little trouble with some of the Neos that I have. Besides the PH for this specific tank being A little to high, which I will correct before placing shrimp in here. I can’t see anything wrong with the numbers 1C689CF4-883B-470D-9D94-201FA3D79F39.jpeg.e47a324eeab58ec91362ef5462149f41.jpeg


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Your water looks extremely hard. Are you using tap or re-mineralized RO/DI water? GH is pretty important for proper molting/breeding so if that is off, you can be in trouble colony-wise.

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Neos could be a bunch of problems, comparing to soft water caridinas, even in remineralized RO, optimal water parameters and a good husbandry. If you are using RO water for cardinals and keep room cool in the summer, consider keeping Taiwan bees, they are easier and have more gratifying colors of babies, no wild type coloration as for neos.


They are easy, just as Taiwan bees, only after you get colony going. But to make this happen... Depends on source of breeding stock, I guess.


Link to their range of water requirements. To convert ppm to dH, divide ppm by 17.86, or use online converter.


IME, TDS could be 130-250 ppm, but it has to be more or less the same, permanent number, GH 6-9 dGH, KH 2-5 dKH (in inert setup without pH lowering active substrate), 70-78F. Liquid test kits were said to be more accurate than test strips (API GH and KH test kit for me).

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