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Neocaridina & Caridina in the SAME tank

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I currently am keeping blue neocaridina in a 10 gallon tank. TDS is around 180. I am thinking of adding caridina shrimps to my tank also. I have read extensively that the rule of thumb is not to mix both species together due to different parameters.


My question is, if I would like to add caridina to the tank, which would be the most suitable type to pair with my current neocaridinas?


I am drawn to the attractive patterns which caridina shrimps have as compared to neos.

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I have Blue Dreams with my Galaxy Fishbones . The blues are in a TDS of 130-140. Doing fine & breeding. Would do better Under my tap which I have other Neos & Tangerine Tigers in.  

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See what caridina shrimp requirements match your water. TDS is only a part of equation, low stable pH could be achieved only in specialized setup. For inert neocaridina setup, tigers are better match.


Many keep neos in crystal shrimp tanks (pH 6.5), but not the opposite, crystals in neos tank (pH >7). Taiwan bees, in my few years experience, prefer even lower pH, around 6.0.


Groups of soft water caridina are described here.

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I currently have a 65+ shrimp community tank with neo and caris. It's been 2 months. They are both breeding and all is well and happy. I make sure water is basically healthy well planted almond leaves. I also have baby cori catfish in with them as well. It's a thriving tank. Good luck. 

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