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Red Cherry and Yellow Shrimp baby size

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Hi everyone.  This is my first post so please go easy.  I turned a Fluval Flex 32 gallon aquarium into a shrimp habitat.  By default, this tank comes with 4 large grates that an adult shrimp could easily fit through.  So before I did anything, I added window screen to the all of the grates to prevent any shrimp from going into the filtration.  It works great for juveniles and adults.  But here comes the problem.  I have noticed that I have 4 yellow and red cherry shrimp carrying eggs.  My worry is that the babies can fit through the screen.  I've looked for photos of babies online and they seem like if they tried hard enough, they would fit through the screen.  What does everyone think?  I attached a photo so you have an idea of what I did.  I'm also trying to figure out a way to attach foam to the screen without taking down the tank.  Let me know your thoughts.






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Hey there! Welcome to the madness!


Not really familiar with that particular tank myself so a little GoogleFu showed me those grates you're referring to. It looks like those are part of a built in filter system? Is it possible to get in behind it and place sponge there?


You're right, the babies are REALLY small. If you can get foam/ fine pore sponge either behind or in front of that grate blocking it, I'd think they'd be ok.


Hopefully somebody else pipes up too, and I wish you luck!

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The window screen that you have added is not safe for shrimp babies. They are really tiny and will certainly get sucked in through the gaps. You need to use aquarium foam or sponge to secure the inlet. Good luck.

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