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What disease causes shrimp to have shortened / broken antennae?

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Hello folks,

I have a Taiwan Bee shrimp tank that has been going mostly well for almost a year now, but in the last few months I've been having a particular problem.

A shrimp will be fine but I notice that it's antennae have become short or partially broken off.  After a while, it becomes lethargic.  I then put it in a mini quarantine tank and treat it with Maracyn 2 (minocycline) for about 5 days, and amazingly it recovers.  It is ok again for about 2 weeks (while still having the short antenna) but then becomes lethargic again, and this time a second antibiotic treatment can't save it.  I seem to be losing a shirmp every 2 weeks or so due to this.

The only posts I found on the internet regarding shrimp and broken antennae were about around 2014 or so on plantedtank, but there really wasn't a cure mentioned beside the usual preventative stuff of tannins, lower pH, etc.

The only real difference I can think of these last few months is that the weather has been warmer so I have been using the A/C more, and maybe bacteria are blowing in and landing in the tank?  (It does have a lid, tho)  The tank itself has a cooler so the temperatures are usually below 69F. I do about 15% water change every 1-2 weeks with RO + SS GH+.

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