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The right RO unit for me?

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I found this ro/di unit in purewaterclub after some surfing and it looks nice and relatively inexpensive!! Has anyone used this one before? Should I get it? I plan to get one, but thought I'd ask around first.

Alsoooo I've been reading that you should have a particular psi in your tap/faucet/hose/tub whatever you use and idk what my psi is and even how to check. Is there a device I should get that would simplify things regardless if it's too too high or low? I'm also wondering of the unit already has a psi gauge on it and I could test it on there first.

I am still new to the whole ro/di unit scene so any insight will be appreciated!!

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As far as water pressure goes to you have a well or are you on municipal water. If you have a well you most likely have a booster pump or a pressure tank. In both cases there will be an effluent pressure gauge. If you are on municipal water your local water department should be able to tell you what to expect based on your distance from the nearest pumping station.

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