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Please help me identify this shrimp


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Hi everyone. I'm a new freshwater aquarium shrimp owner. The first shrimp that I got was an unexpected surprise. He/she was a stowaway when I purchased live plants for my aquarium. I didn't know he/she was in the bag with my plants until I got home. I dragged the poor thing around for a couple of hours in my purse doing some shopping because it was winter and I didn't want to leave the plant in my car to freeze. Luckily, I saw him/her when I was about to empty the bag in the sink to rinse out the plants. I went back about a week later to get him/her a tank mate and came home with a tiny very dark blue shrimp

but I forgot to ask what species/breed it was. I've looked online but can't find one that looks like it. Can someone help me identify him/her? Ikm assuming that the smaller one is an amano shrimp. Thank you.
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