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Bananariot's Restart Lowtech (lots of pics)


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Hey guys, I started out on TPT and after being fed up with what goes on there and the lack willingness to change I've decided to come here. (thanks Speedie for pointing me in the right direction lol)


It's been a journey since middle school breeding fish....going from MFK's down to nano tanks.....love my monsters, but college forced me to downsize and that's when shrimp caught my eye.


Started out with cherries.........all the way up them TB's.


I took a break for about a year going to Medical School up in Maine for a year and I got a dog :D (Jackie)  So that took most of my time last year.  


Here's my baby :)



After things settled down and leaving some of my tanks neglected.....most of my shrimps were sold off and probably 2 weeks ago......I started it up again


I like to keep things simple.  So I keep my filtration simple.  I keep my plants simple.  Substrate....simple if possible. 



Finnex 4.5 Gallon B/C grade CRS Tank

Shrimp: B/C grade CRS

Substrate: ADA Africana 

Plants: Flame Moss 

Misc: Sandstone

Info: Instead of taking an interest for TB's.  I've always loved B/C grade CRS shrimp.  Sadly they're a PITA to obtain.  However, a  new start enables me to give them another go at getting a larger population.



Aqua Inspiration 4 Gallon? SSS CRS/CBS Tank

Shrimp: SSS CRS/CBS + whatever mix that I got from Dukeandbear's unfortunate mishap.  Like he said his loss my gain ;p

Substrate: Seachem Fluorite

Plants: Fissidens, some slowly recovering weeping moss

Misc:Filtered by 1 sponge filter in back

Info: What enables me to run 1 sponge filter and fluorite as substrate?  A tap that spits out 6.5 pH, 50 TDS, and gH 0-2 water lol. Sadly this tank was neglected last year and over the course of 6 months while I was gone half the water evaporated and much of the weeping moss dried and died.  So it's fugly atm as it's recovering from what I took out and salvaged.  Amazingly what was left of my shrimp after I sold them lived!  However, my landlady must have sprayed or bugbombed her garage that was attached to my apartment because I came back and there were dead bugs in my apartment (like they flopped over wherever they were at the moment in time).  Because of this, all my ramshorn snails died (I can only assume inverts are affected by whatever was going on) and some of my old grandpa age shrimp have died after molting.  Couple of water changes after it and everything is good to go  again!



Classic 10 Gallon Betta Channoides

Fish: Betta Channoides (m+f pair), Albino corydoras 

Substrate: Flora max (hey now it was on sale and it works) + sand

Plants: Frogbit, hornwort

Misc: Some freakishly strong ADA light that can only be put there cause it's killing every other plant on my other tanks lol.

Info:  My fish journey started with a betta splendens....and once I found out there were wild types....hah....then I found out there were mouthbrooders that don't cost an arm and a leg......HAHA I JUST NEEDED IT.  I attempted albi's but my move home from undergrad cut that experiment short.  Hopefully with some more plants, I'll be able to get these guys to breed :)  The corys are there for cleanup (the bettas are shy so I need to pump and dump a decent amount of frozen BS to get them to eat)



Fluval Spec V

Fish: Neon Tetras, Albino Corydoras, Scarlet Badis, Corydoras Pygmaeus

Plants: Salvaged moss (flame + weeping my best guess), recovering mini pellia (dat ADA light lol nearly cooked it yellow through and through), glosso

Misc: Well it was supposed to be a corydoras breeding tank......I bought the neon tetras from petsmart just to bring it color till the corys fattened up to get ready to breed....expecting the NT's to die off from neon tetra disease......uhh yeah that isn't happening lol.

Info: I'm resistant to turning this into a high tech tank because I don't really want to buy more stuff and I don't want to manage the ferts lighting etc, I like shrimps....honestly just there to fill out the tank......and this all started because a failed scarlet badis project a year and a half ago....and 1 of them survived without food or anything basically for 6 months.



2.5 American Glass Nano- Blue Diamonds + Tiger Shrimp

Shrimp: Tiger Shrimp, Blue Diamond Shrimp (thank you oblong!)

Substrate: Black Sand

Plants: Fissidens, java moss

Misc:Filtered by 1 sponge filter in back

Info: Nice tank on my desk, bubbling sounds help me sleep at night.  



Deep Blue 2.5 Gallon Long Orange Neo Tank (SoonTM)


Misc Pics + Past Projects:






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