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Greetings from Denmark..


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Hello all.. Just stumpled on this forum by mistake. And i must say (Parden my French) this is a F***ing amazing forum the bestboneni have found.. I have been reading posts all night and i am pretty tired and a bit happy that i only have 1 customor today my head cant concentrate on tattooing with all that shrimp information flying around in my head..

I am a newbie in the shrimp world and will always be a newbie. My daughter got a fish Bowl 2 years ago and i escalated pretty fast from there ended up with 21 tank all combined 1500L then i got a coupple of neocardenia and now almost all the fish is out and caridinia is in and a few neos. And i must say the shrimp world is mouch more fun than the fish world..

Im locking forward to spending allotbof time in here..

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