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Sulawesi Dream (Cardinal and Poso Snails)


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Hi huys,
I am from istanbul, Turkey and wanted to introduce my Sulawesi Tank in which I have got my Cardinal shrimps and poso rabbit snails. I have been getting babies from my cardinals. It's been approx 4 months after setting up this tank and I had bought 10 Cardinal babies at first. I believe 6 or 7 of them survived and after 2 months I saw my first Cardinal babies. And I can see that my babies are growing up without no issue (fingers crossed).


At the first weeks I had welcomed them, they were so hiding behind rocks and wood but after they got berried and babies hatched they got more and more courageous and showed up and I also removed some rocks from my tank to make sure they don't get used to hiding. I also see lots of time my cardinals on my poso snails which I believe Poso snails is something relief for cardinals. That's why I recommend everyone to have also poso snails if they wanna keep cardinals. 
My water is 350 microsiemens, pH 7.5 and temp 27 C. I have been using Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 for my RO water. %10 Water Change weekly. As the numbers of my cardinals are getting higher I started to prepare a new tank which is 75 liters (cycling now)

45 liters tank
HMF Filter with air pump and heater behind
Here are pics and videos




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love the tank!

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Goodluck @countryboy12484


@Soothing Shrimp, Thank you. HMF filter is portable in this tank that I used plexi glass to play with. I am sening below some pics which can give you idea. I always use HMF filter for shrimp tanks to make sure biological filter area is maximum even though cardinals don't play on sponge a lot compared to CRS/CBS/Taiwan Bee.





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A short update: Reproduction continues well in my Sulawesi tank. After the population increased to a good number ( 10 to 35-40 in 4 months) in the tank, I have moved 7-8 Cardinals to another Sulawesi tank to make sure I have got 2 different tanks just in case something goes wrong. 

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Thank you guys. Yes, Their feet are always on job  :thumbsu: I believe that is the most spesific feature seperating them from other type of shrimps. Below video is not mine but I just wanted to share it here so that you can have the real pleasure of feeding Cardinal  :rock: I don't know how this guy did this but my cardinals are not so social as in this video  :D


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I like the baby card sitting on the snail in the third video you posted. I also started another tank for my tb's (just in case). If my sulawesi take off in numbers then I'll do the same for them. Good idea!

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