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30+ Blue Diamond Culls Neocaridina Heteropoda


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Hey everyone,

It's time for me to cull some of my blue diamond herd. So far I have managed to net 30+ in to a breeder box. I still have some more that are being difficult to catch which I'll be adding. I know there is at least one in the box that's berried. Most are juvenile to sub-adult in size. They will range in various colors but most all are brown. I'll include a couple of blue ones. I am asking $65.00 for all these shrimp. They will be shipped in kordon breather bags with a bit of moss inside an insulated box. Shipping is only available within the CONUSA. I accept Paypal only. Feel free to contact me with any questions. My parameters are

PH- 6.8-7.0

TDS- 180


KH- 0-1

Temp- 70-72

SHIPPING: USPS Priority - $15.00 (No DOA Guarantee)

USPS Express - $35.00 (DOA Guarantee) DOA guarantee will only be valid if you send me a clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to my shipping label within an hour of their arrival.

All the pics are from my BD tank. The offspring from these culls have a good chance turning out like some of the shrimp in the pics.







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BD are great for people that want to keep a rainbow of cherries in their tank without worry of wilds being caused by crossing colors.


Can you explain to me why this is? That would be awesome if I could keep some in my Neon Yellow tank.

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Christinenha  Look at all the different morphs come from this line. They would inter breed with your yellows


Oh, okay. I misunderstood. I thought he meant that they can be kept with other "cherries" without the wild phenotype appearing, but he really meant that because individuals have an array of colors, you can keep them together without "interbreeding" if you wanted a more colorful tank. Thank you for the clarification. ^^

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Yep, that's what I meant Christine. :)


Vinman, you may want to rethink breeding any throws from BD into stable lines.  The BD has a varied background while the stable line does not.  So your offspring of such a breeding may not breed true, and your carbon/red lines may be messed up.

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I look at it this way for the first few months I should get mostly browns and a few colored shrimp. Then I have to line breed for what I want out of the shrimp that come out with color. If people in Asia can make new strains why can't we. Like my old martial arts teacher used to say to me you only fail when you fail to try. I want to make a strain where It is polymorphic with no browns This is my theory If I can create  line where the base stock is a cherry red with all the other gene mutations on top of that I should get no browns. My theory is most of these unstable lines are not a mutation off the  of cherry red gene and they are more of a mutation off the normal color resulting in browns . I also  believe that  these new color morphs have not been lined bred enough to set a strain and is also a polymorphic gene.

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Dont worry im sure they will be fine... Shrimp are tougher than we give them credit for.


The most sensitive shrimp that I've had challenges with so far are Malawa in cold weather.  The do great acclimating to just about any temperature once  in the buyer's house because they are hardy and breed like crazy, but in transit they get finicky coming from a higher temp, and having cold weather cooling off their water quickly.

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My original stock of BD's showed up at my house in a soaking wet box with a busted shipping bag. All the shrimp were alive flicking around in the damp box. Don't know how they did it. I'm sure they'll be fine.

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