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What cooling fans does every use??

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First post on this site guys!!! I'm exited to see how this community grows, establishes and how the site changes for access and information.

You may know me from another site, you may not. Haha

Let's get down to it. I have a ten gallon tank with a mixed stock (don't mind the neos crossing, I find wilds interesting) and also has some carids in there and tigers. I want to keep my tank a steady 68-71 through spring summer and autumn, and the only thing I can think of is a cooling fan, something. It to expensive but that does the job. We don't have ac in the house, nor do we have a fan. So in the bay of Cali it can easily get upwards of 85-90 in a room even with the windows and doors open. This is not good for my shrimp I lost half my stock last year :(

As it sits now the temp is rising slowly because of the changes in season from my ideal temp of 69 to 74 within the past few days. I have found a couple shrimp dead this morning from the temp shift.

What do you guys use, suggest, or recommend? Keep in mind the temperature my house can reach.

Other facts about this tank,

Amazonia substrate (recent swap from azoo)

Marina s20 hob

Elite dual sponge filter

Marineland single bright soon to be finnex planted plus

Cholla wood

Dragon stone

Easy aqua shrimp cave



Telenthera cardinalis

Hydrocotyle japan

And persicuria k.

And a big fluffy bush of subwassertang

No co2 no ferts

Water parameters are stable

Ammonia nitrate and nitrite 0 nitrate reaches 10ppm at max monthly

Ph 6.4




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I agree with trying a clip-on fan.  That being said when I lived in Arizona I had air conditioning and now that I am in Colorado I have my shrimp in the basement that always stays cool.

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BTW Welcome to the forum!!

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A clip on fan, blowing across the top of the water should be enough, is what I have heard. I bought four of them at Amazon.

I bought four different types of small fans that are USB and battery powered. I have lot of usb power adapters as I use

ecigs, so I figure I can just plug in the fans into the USB power adapters, and then clip them so they can fan across the top

of the tank water in the summer. All four of the fans were from $5 bucks to $8 bucks each, so I'll let you know which

fan out of the four different models is the best.  I have read on quite a few difference fish places and forums that

a small fan blowing across the top of the tank is plenty to keep the water stable at 73 degrees. That is only what I

read. Now, it that is true or not, I don't know, but I am going to find out.   lol

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Haha thanks guys. I'm glad to here here. Let's get this to grow like others have.

I just purchased a fan from a friend h4n. The aquatek 2fan system. I'll be running it for 12 hours a day hopefully it won't burn out on me. But I have no other option.

That redneck ac unit is nothing short of a stroke of genius I may have to try that as well.

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Yeah, talk about cost effective. You could probably make the Redneck AC Unit and sell them for $12 bucks.

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All four of the fans were from $5 bucks to $8 bucks each, so I'll let you know which

fan out of the four different models is the best.

Looking forward to your fan reviews! It's not too warm yet, but last year we definitely had 80* days in the apartment, which although it has central air, is not at all cost effective to run high enough to keep things cooler.

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Yeah, me too. I have the four different fans coming, so later in the summer, I think I will borrow Soothing Shrimp's idea, and

make three Redneck Coolers. I think the frozen bottles in the cooler will last longer than bag of ice, maybe? Or throw a block

of ice in?

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I got two of the four fans I ordered off Amazon today. One of them run on USB and AAA batteries, and the other

runs on USB. I have a lot of usb plug in adapters because I vape ecigs instead of cigarettes. Ecigs are just

water vapor, no smell, no fire, no ash, no residue. It is just like steam that dissipates as fast as it comes out

and does not leave any smell or residue. The one fan flips up and has a stand and cost 7 bucks. It runs on

batteries and USB. When plugged into a USB adapter, it is more powerful, but it is okay on batteries too. It

fans plenty of air and would be easy to clip to the tank and blow across the water. The other fan is a USB

only fan, and cost 5 bucks. It too moves plenty of air, both are very quiet. Way more quiet than I thought

they would be and both put out way more air than I thought they would. For the price, you can't beat

either of them. I like the one that runs on USB and batteries better than the other. The quality is better,

and it moves more air than the 5 buck usb fan. So I guess for the extra two bucks it is worth it. Both would be

fine and enough air to make the Redneck Air Conditioner work well.


I have two more coming, and I'll let you know about them too.

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Yeah I know it's frozen co2 haha. I was planning on having it in my room with the door open. Let it flow through the hallway. But I'm thinking it will be the best option to have the d@mn thing running all day.

I got my fan today, thank you h4n!!!!!

It works great. Blows a good deal of air to keep the tank cool. How cool we will see in the summer. But most importantly it is quiet. Being in a room with me my fiancé and daughter that was the main thing,

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np! ya i forget how quiet it was until i plugged it in to make sure it worked still... and i wow it was quiet. :)

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This is kind of how I want the moss and the bottom of my tank to look.

This is awesome h4n. Hope you don't mind me using the photo. I will

take it down, if you want. This is h4n's photo everyone.

But this is kind of how I want the bottom of my tanks to look. I would

think Shrimp would love this. Keeping it fan cooled in the summer

would be critical, I would think.

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I want the floor of half of the tank to look like a lawn, similar to the h4n photo, but with

small bridge paths instead of rocks, and light poles at each corner of the lawn, and then

make a large moss ball and cut it into King Neptune or something cool in the middle of the lawn.

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