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MK-Breed Life Balls vs Benibachi Crimson Bee Balls?


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Ultimately if they have the same ingredients and roughly the same size it all comes down to price.

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My question about the various mineral balls - is if there is any evidence they make a difference.  Has anybody put the balls in distilled water for X amount of time and then checked to see what minerals were in the water - of even (easier) if the TDS, KH, GH of the water changed at all?  Might be wrong, but putting the various balls in distilled water and then checking TDS - GH - KH some time later might be a very illuminating experiment.  It still won't answer if they benefit the shrimp, but could answer other questions about their various composition and dissolution rate.  

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Ok, I will try your suggestion. Do you know though if the breeder balls will be negatively impacted by the hydrogen peroxide?


There should be no significant interaction between the mineral balls (or any mineral) and H2O2.  Hydrogen Peroxide is fairly stable until acted on by catalase -- an enzyme contained in cells that disassociates the molecule resulting in H2O  - O2  and a small amount of the peroxide anion (O−O)2–. The important fact is that in solution Hydrogen Peroxide is relatively stable / non reactive (in the absence of catalase) and will slowly come to equilibrium with the surrounding environment of H2O and O2  

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I question these mineral balls as well.

I know they slowly release minerals but I don't think it does anything.


I feel like these mineral balls are like "They have it so I should have it".


Not sure how mineral balls benefit shrimp since I've never seen any proof.

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