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Anybody currently have sexy shrimp (Thor amboinensis)?

Soothing Shrimp

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wow that is indeed a very unique shrimp, would be cool if someone is actually keeping that.

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I love my sexy shrimp! I currently have 6 (4f 2m) in my 72g reef. Before I moved over the summer I had them breeding. I built a kresiel to raise the larvae. ...but moving horror occurred and im waiting currently for my new shrimp to breed.

As far as morphs, Thor amboinensis (how awesome is that scientific name! !) has 4 ive seen....red white, black white, white, and clear. Try googling anemone shrimp as well as sexy dancing shrimp for common names

Theyre one of the best Pico reef inhabitants (IMO), especially with a symbiotic mini maxi carpet anenome. Shrimper beware...pico sw is kinda hard to keep stable. A 4 oz evaporation can change your salinity in a 2g pico. Temp and bad water parameters are just as much headache. I upgraded aws y from my original 12g

Here's a pic of one of my original ladies and her nems battling for a prime rock


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All of them work....its more about how much time you'll have to care for the tank. Nanos and picos need tiny bits of attention frequently. ATO will help but won't eliminate all the work to keep it stable

In a 10g you could add a single fish to that list as well...a yasha goby or another small goby or blenny.

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Ok, I have been researching for a sw tank for 2 years so I know most of the begginer and most adanvced stuff, but I am 11(almost 12 :D) so can't get a job so almost no money.

But after I move I am tornbetween a fw florida biotope, or a sw florida biotope first, I found I can get permits to collect sw stuff, but I am going fw fishing this weekend and I am looking for some natuve fish for my 10g(recently ttok out a lot of fish and its affecting my plants) so I will already have them :( so many decision and options, but so little money :'(

A goby, pistol shrimp pair would be nice hint, hint.

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Good luck capturing a goby and its shrimp! Theyre quick devils, hard to catch in a tank

And theyll be bad neighbors for sexies....the pistol shrimp may snack on unsuspecting sexies

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Yup, they have a morph that's black and white I think.

Haha, I didn't even know what a pico was when I first started researching for a sw tank(almost 2 years ago), a spec V or a jbj picotope would be a awesome tank for some zoas, mushrooms and sexy shrimp, maybe some other lowlights too if you upgrade sgock.


Do you have alink to the B&W one?  I can't find it. 


However I did find some different colors:















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The clear isn't a sexy after all, buts its another small sw anenome shrimp


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