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ID worm

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http://tinypic.com/r/2mlczr/8 < video of movement



One thing I noticed is that, it's either the head or tail. One of those parts are always above substrate and the rest of their body is beneath when they are not moving.

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I wouldn't worry about a few worms. They help break down waste. If you have a lot of worms then you have water quality issues. Check out this article




Scroll down to


Annelids “Segmented Worms” - Including:
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I just had to deal with hydra myself. Like you, I wondered 'where the heck did they come from?'. I never found a good answer to that, but I am dosing with fish bendazole (fenbendazole) since hydra are harmful to shrimp and fish fry. Did my first dose last night (nervous as all get out). Today, already a HUGE difference. I can't see any hydra and the fish, plants and shrimp are fine. In fact, the shrimp are 'out' and visible where they had been hiding for a week. Seems they know it is now safe? :)  Doing one more dose tonight and another in a week.


I was hoping it would kill my pest snails, but it did not. That's ok, the hydra problem will be fixed and critters are safe 

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