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soothing shrimp please look, ghost shrimp genetics I think.

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My philosophy is- If it's an actual color, you can breed for it. heh


Years ago I ran across a shrimper who had made it his goal to begin breeding for ghost shrimp colors.  I encouraged him to go for it.  Unfortunately, I never heard of his project since.


I highly encourage you to do it too, but you may have a challenge depending on if the larvae need freshwater or brackish.

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Do ghosts need brackish water for baby shrimp?  I had three ghosts in a fresh water bowl at work and they berried constantly and hathched babies.  I never saw baby shrimp much after about of week of them hatching.  Then I read somewhere that that the adults will eat the fry.  So I gave the adults away for fear that they might try to eat my RCS babies that were about to hatch.  Now I am constantly pulling pretty good size baby ghosts (1/4" or larger) out to give to a friend.  If they need brackish water for the fry mine did not seem to, but it does seem that there werent any survivors with the adults in the same container.

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No they dont, its a klmyth someone started saying because they have a larval stage and need microscopic food that is more common in bw and sw, but I feed mine greenwater, hard boiled egg yolk, and I keep plenty of plants for them, but I have bred they plenty, you probaly had them die from lack of food, then plants grew and the no adult ghosts means more food for them, but yeah the adults will eat the fry if they don't have enough hiding places and their are a lot of ghost shrimp in their.

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