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Mini Project: How fast can Short Nose Shrimps clean a tank.

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Hi guys,


As we all know, amano shrimps are the "go to" shrimp when we think of algae eaters but now there is supposedly another species of algae eater that is more effective at eating algae and less aggressive as well, that species is known as the short nose shrimp. Well many ask how fast do they clean a tank filled with algae so I decided to do a little project.


A few weeks ago, I started setting up new tanks using Taiwan breeder MK's tank set up. The set up use purely MK Breed Product such as Z-Silver Powder and Golden Powder, dual sponge filters, and a light layer of ADA soil. In two short weeks the tanks were covered in green algae and that is when tester shrimps are put in. So today, another tank hit the two week milestone and is covered in green algae so I put in approximately 50 Short nose shrimps. Every 3 days I will be taking pictures of the tank with the short-nose shrimp to see how effective they are at algae control.


Also here is the set up I used:



Day 1:





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